Ok…..my first blog, I thought it would be a good time to start because this year has seen a huge change and I want to share my happiness and joy of taking a leap of faith and hope that it encourages others because you just never know whats round the corner…..

After a year of discussing our options we relocated to Spain a few months ago and it’s been one big learning and developing curve for us all. Leaving our family behind seemed a crazy move because of how family orientated I am and didn’t realise how much so until we moved and the realisation of not being able to just turn up and cuddle them whenever I wanted weighed down on me so heavily, I spent many a time in the toilet sobbing, peeling potatoes sobbing, hanging out the washing basically anytime I was alone! And I had to reach a real low point with it until I shook it off and was able to see clearly and look at why we had done this..

My husband works full time in IT but is a music producer as a sideline and has had to rebuild his studio from scratch over here which so far is looking good and more music opportunities have opened up for him, thankfully his music takes him all over the world anyway so it doesn’t really make a difference where his base is. He works less hours in his new job in Fuengirola and we live on the local bus route so we no longer need a car which is one less cost and liability.

Our daughter Sophie who was 5 when we arrived had to start the local Spanish school in September and she turned 6 three days after starting and the run up to this was traumatic fearing …..was this the right thing…. what if she hates it…..what if she feels so alone…. what if it puts her behind in her studies…….what if what if what if…..all these what ifs just make your head spin, stomach churn and make you doubt everything. But it was months of wasted worry……it turned out our little inspiration just took it in her stride and goes everyday with no problem, she has made a couple of friends and comes home smiling and does her homework everyday with the help of me……and Google Translate! ;-P The school is fantastic and has the best security you could imagine (which these days is SOOOOO important).

I think kids are the best gift to have, their innocence and strength can teach us so much of what we’ve lost along the way letting the worlds troubles pile up on us instead of just getting by ‘in the moment’

Our son Owen who is 2 and a half and is happy wherever he is, as long as he has his Thomas Train with him then we’re good to go! He makes me laugh everyday with his quirky little ways and it’s never a dull day around him.

Things were going well with my photography living in Wales I was getting lots of portrait and wedding shoots even some corporate jobs that couldn’t be more far apart in comparison….one for an animal bedding company which was days spent trudging through fields getting pictures of cows in the most flattering of ways ( I have a new found fondness for them now, who would of thought a cow could look pretty! ) and the other was for a vehicle van hire company taking photos of their fleet….and as I found out you cant make a lorry smile! 🙂

I also passed My Photography course with a Distinction which I am so proud of, I owe everything to my Dad he’s been my inspiration with photography and any arty gene or eye for a photo I have got has come from him……..thanks Dad! And thanks to my amazing Mum…she gave me my outstanding good looks….pah OK grasping at straws there, I think I got my emotions from my mum I feel I need to help people whenever I can, i’m hopeless when It comes to pain and suffering of others or animals and often sit in tears wishing there was something I could…….and yes I still cry at Bambi so that’s how useless I am!

Whoa gone off track…..back to photography…. the market is extremely saturated with photographers and I felt I needed new pastures and a new challenge so Spain was a good option for us all, the climate, the lifestyle, excellent school, more outdoor living for the kids, less stress etc etc

SO….this is where we are up to and I’ve definitely warbled on too much already so my next blog will be about my venture from British weddings to Spanish ones and what i’ve learnt along the way….stay tuned peeps……oh and HAVE A GROOVY DAY! Xxx