To meet Maria & Javi was heartwarming to see a couple so in love they are adorable together! With every glance towards each other was a picture moment! They had an intimate wedding with just their closest family in the beautiful Andalucian village of Mijas, followed by a ceremony on the beach and then photos in and around their venue.  The weather was amazing and the sky looked like it had been painted what a great day for a wedding! There was something so special about these two, so happy in each others company.

My Spanish is somewhat…er um..minimal to see the least, i can get by in the Panaderia but thats about it! So i was soooo nervous before the day, i felt disabled without the use of my voice and knew i would need to improvise because no doubt when concentrating on my camera settings, the light, our surroundings all my pre-learned spanish phrases were just going to evaporate! So as a last minute back up plan i decided to print off a sheet of images from my previous weddings with different poses so that i could whip it out and point to one if all my words disappeared 😛 …..but luckily i didn’t need it…they made it so easy for me i felt like i was just documenting another day in their love bubble! What a joy to do 😀 So here are a few of the photos from their day….the start of a heavenly marriageBLOG-MARIA-JAVI-small