Rhian & Craig ~ Wedding

This photo of Rhian and Craig is a true reflection on what a wonderful couple they are, humble….happy….caring….i could go on! The whole day was a laugh from the beginning to end…Rhian brought back nostalgia of me on my wedding day when her accessory of choice was a champagne bottle for most of the day!

They were married in Caerwys Church, which is the village where Rhian lives and grew up in so it was a really special day there for everyone.  Craig works as a mechanic and has a real passion for cars so in true style they travelled in a Rolls Royce to the Springfield Hotel to carry on their celebrations into the early hours.

The champagne flowed…cigars were smoked…there were tears….but a lot more laughs…and some crazy dancing….

Thank you so much Rhian & Craig for allowing me to capture those moments for you, you are amazing xxx


Rhian & Craig Wedding-1Rhian & Craig Wedding-4Rhian & Craig Wedding-7Rhian & Craig Wedding-9Rhian & Craig Wedding-12Rhian & Craig Wedding-31Rhian & Craig Wedding-41Rhian & Craig Wedding-57Rhian & Craig Wedding-75Rhian & Craig Wedding-99Rhian & Craig Wedding-102Rhian & Craig Wedding-107Rhian & Craig Wedding-117-2Rhian & Craig Wedding-123Rhian & Craig Wedding-128Rhian & Craig Wedding-135Rhian & Craig Wedding-140Rhian & Craig Wedding-146Rhian & Craig Wedding-155Rhian & Craig Wedding-165Rhian & Craig Wedding-168Rhian & Craig Wedding-169Rhian & Craig Wedding-171Rhian & Craig Wedding-174Rhian & Craig Wedding-183Rhian & Craig Wedding-186Rhian & Craig Wedding-195Rhian & Craig Wedding-211Rhian & Craig Wedding-217Rhian & Craig Wedding-229Rhian & Craig Wedding-253Rhian & Craig Wedding-257Rhian & Craig Wedding-309Rhian & Craig Wedding-317Rhian & Craig Wedding-337Rhian & Craig Wedding-346Rhian & Craig Wedding-351Rhian & Craig Wedding-357Rhian & Craig Wedding-363-2Rhian & Craig Wedding-386Rhian & Craig Wedding-406Rhian & Craig Wedding-427Rhian & Craig Wedding-430Rhian & Craig Wedding-437Rhian & Craig Wedding-480Rhian & Craig Wedding-488Rhian & Craig Wedding-491Rhian & Craig Wedding-504Rhian & Craig Wedding-507Rhian & Craig Wedding-508Rhian & Craig Wedding-532Rhian & Craig Wedding-545Rhian & Craig Wedding-573Rhian & Craig Wedding-574Rhian & Craig Wedding-581Rhian & Craig Wedding-587

Credits to all the wonderful people that were involved:

MUA – http://www.rhiannonpritchard.co.uk/

Hair – BridalandOccasion Hair ByLowri (Facebook)

Florist – http://www.angelicevents.co.uk/

Cake – Edenshine Delights

Car – http://www.carsforstars.co.uk/

Entertainment – Cellar Dwellers

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