When photographing someone’s wedding…who you know nothing about except what you have absorbed from your few meetings with them and the picture you paint from all the little details you know…even from behind the camera it is so hard to not get swept up in the emotion.

There is always tears..whether it is from words of the card that is sent to the bride on the morning…the moment the bride turns round after mum has just finished perfecting the back of her dress…. when Dad walks in and sees his little girl standing there in front of him looking even more like a princess than she has ever done before… the best friend’s hug when she doesn’t want to let go before the bride walks up the aisle… to the moment the groom turns round and sees his wife to be and the sight of her makes him go weak at the knees….i could go on..seriously!! It is probably THE most emotional day you can experience!

But when you are photographing a FRIENDS wedding who you’ve know for years now that’s the lump in the throat that is the most painful…and you can’t swallow it…it just won’t go down.

Well that was my day photographing this wedding…. it was amazing (and THE most organised wedding i have done to date….to the minute thanks to Chimp the best man!) There was a lot of tears…but equally as many laughs…..especially after the surprise confetti canon at the head table, and the Chimp Pad…and the surprise entertainment… i could go on honestly! 😀

Thank you James & Sally for letting me be part of your day i’ll never forget it xxx


Venue: Weston Pools Fishery

Lighting: Energized Sound & Lighting

Hair: Fee Nicholls

MUA: Make Up by Louise

Catering: Rachael & Mike (Weston Pools Fishery)