I met Sharon when she came to visit me at the studio last year, along with her son Austin who was the sweetest little thing and after lots of giggles playing games he came and curled up on my lap for cuddles….. he’s so adorable!! So I was over the moon when they got back in touch after speaking with her fiance Mike to ask me to photograph their wedding.

They were married at the DoubleTree Hilton Chester, this stunning 18th Century Manor house sits in acres of landscaped gardens and is a gorgeous venue on the outskirts of Chester. I think I was just as excited as Sharon and Michael on the run-up to the day… it was my first wedding of this year and I’m always chomping at the bit to get started after a break over Christmas!

We weren’t able to make the most of the picturesque vistas outside unfortunately, the weather decided it was going to be typically British and we had all the seasons in one day…. something I’ve learnt that we have to embrace living here haha. But nothing got in the way of Sharon & Michael having a perfect day, it was amazing…. and went too quickly as they always do… luckily I managed to capture lots of those memories so they can relive it all over again…

Thank you Sharon, Michael & Austin for having me there on your special day I loved every moment.

Love Suze


Mr & Mrs Dugine | DoubleTree Hilton | Highlights Collection


. . . not planned in the slightest but whatever’s on the tv the timing is genius!! hahaha

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Credit to all the wonderful suppliers that helped bring together all the special details:

VENUE ~ DoubleTree Hilton Chester

MUA ~ https://www.facebook.com/HollieLouiseHairmakeupartist/

HAIR ~ https://www.facebook.com/hairbycarolellisthompson/

CAKE ~ https://www.facebook.com/cakechester/

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