There’s nothing more exciting than meeting a couple at their Wedding Venue for the first time only a week away from the big day and realising you’re going to have an absolute ball with them!

I met Amy & Dafydd at Tyn Dwr Hall in July just 6 days before their Wedding on the 13th July. The historic building resides grandly up a long woodland driveway in Llangollen, North Wales. We explored the breathtaking gardens together picking out areas that we could use for photos… which was pretty much every direction you looked! I could not wait for their day to arrive and was secretly begging the weather gods to be on our side so we could make the most of scenery.

Luck was on our side, we were blessed with a dry day!

They were married at my hometown church St Mary’s in Overton, a string quartet played beautifully in the background whilst everyone took their seats and Amy stunned everyone as she walked up the aisle with her Dad beaming with pride at her side.

The reception at Tyn Dwr Hall followed afterwards, the day was filled with love, laughter and happy memories. It wouldn’t be what it was without all the people involved so Amy & Dafydd would like to say a huge thanks to:

Make up –  Anabelle Rose Makeup

Hair – Studio 1

Cake – Sharon Smith (family friend)

Flowers – Laura @ Regent House Of Flowers

Car – Ian @ Bespoke Wedding Cars

String Quartet – Dotted Crochets

Stationary – Handmade By Lucy 

DJ – Ian @ Hipswing

Venue – Tyn Dwr Hall

I’d like to personally thank all the staff at Tyn Dwr Hall, nothing was too much trouble, they were brilliant and I’m still dreaming about my Goats Cheese Tartlet!! haha

Here’s a selection of highlights from their special day . . .

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Amy & Dafydd Wedding-1Amy & Dafydd Wedding-2Amy & Dafydd Wedding-7-EditAmy & Dafydd Wedding-9Amy & Dafydd Wedding-10Amy-Dafydd-Wedding-15-Edit.jpgAmy & Dafydd Wedding-17Amy & Dafydd Wedding-29Amy & Dafydd Wedding-30Amy & Dafydd Wedding-33Amy & Dafydd Wedding-37Amy & Dafydd Wedding-45Amy & Dafydd Wedding-49-2Amy & Dafydd Wedding-18Amy & Dafydd Wedding-51Amy & Dafydd Wedding-57Amy & Dafydd Wedding-64-2Amy & Dafydd Wedding-59-2Amy & Dafydd Wedding-72-2Amy & Dafydd Wedding-70Amy & Dafydd Wedding-77Amy & Dafydd Wedding-93Amy & Dafydd Wedding-82-2Amy & Dafydd Wedding-91Amy & Dafydd Wedding-95Amy & Dafydd Wedding-97Amy & Dafydd Wedding-113Amy & Dafydd Wedding-116Amy & Dafydd Wedding-120Amy & Dafydd Wedding-121Amy & Dafydd Wedding-125Amy & Dafydd Wedding-127Amy & Dafydd Wedding-132Amy & Dafydd Wedding-134Amy & Dafydd Wedding-144-2Amy & Dafydd Wedding-148Amy & Dafydd Wedding-150Amy & Dafydd Wedding-153Amy & Dafydd Wedding-155Amy & Dafydd Wedding-157Amy & Dafydd Wedding-160Amy & Dafydd Wedding-137Amy & Dafydd Wedding-162Amy & Dafydd Wedding-167-2Amy & Dafydd Wedding-173-2Amy & Dafydd Wedding-191Amy & Dafydd Wedding-197Amy & Dafydd Wedding-200Amy & Dafydd Wedding-202Amy & Dafydd Wedding-203Amy & Dafydd Wedding-205Amy & Dafydd Wedding-213Amy & Dafydd Wedding-215Amy & Dafydd Wedding-222Amy & Dafydd Wedding-233Amy & Dafydd Wedding-236Amy & Dafydd Wedding-243Amy & Dafydd Wedding-244Amy & Dafydd Wedding-247Amy & Dafydd Wedding-256Amy & Dafydd Wedding-266Amy & Dafydd Wedding-264Amy & Dafydd Wedding-277Amy & Dafydd Wedding-279Amy & Dafydd Wedding-280-2Amy & Dafydd Wedding-285Amy & Dafydd Wedding-289Amy & Dafydd Wedding-291Amy & Dafydd Wedding-293Amy & Dafydd Wedding-296Amy & Dafydd Wedding-300Amy & Dafydd Wedding-302-2Amy & Dafydd Wedding-305Amy & Dafydd Wedding-312-2Amy & Dafydd Wedding-313Amy & Dafydd Wedding-319Amy & Dafydd Wedding-350Amy & Dafydd Wedding-356Amy & Dafydd Wedding-359Amy & Dafydd Wedding-360Amy & Dafydd Wedding-364Amy & Dafydd Wedding-371-2Amy & Dafydd Wedding-373-2Amy & Dafydd Wedding-375-2Amy & Dafydd Wedding-378Amy & Dafydd Wedding-391-2Amy & Dafydd Wedding-403Amy & Dafydd Wedding-399-2Amy & Dafydd Wedding-408-2Amy & Dafydd Wedding-411Amy & Dafydd Wedding-416Amy & Dafydd Wedding-424Amy & Dafydd Wedding-429Amy & Dafydd Wedding-425Amy & Dafydd Wedding-426Amy & Dafydd Wedding-436-2Amy & Dafydd Wedding-437-2Amy & Dafydd Wedding-442-2Amy & Dafydd Wedding-447-2Amy & Dafydd Wedding-451-2Amy & Dafydd Wedding-459-2Amy & Dafydd Wedding-466-2Amy & Dafydd Wedding-502Amy & Dafydd Wedding-503Amy & Dafydd Wedding-514Amy & Dafydd Wedding-517Amy & Dafydd Wedding-519Amy & Dafydd Wedding-522Amy & Dafydd Wedding-525Amy & Dafydd Wedding-529Amy & Dafydd Wedding-536Amy & Dafydd Wedding-542Amy & Dafydd Wedding-550Amy & Dafydd Wedding-549Amy & Dafydd Wedding-557Amy & Dafydd Wedding-559Amy & Dafydd Wedding-565Amy & Dafydd Wedding-566Amy & Dafydd Wedding-573Amy & Dafydd Wedding-574Amy & Dafydd Wedding-576Amy & Dafydd Wedding-578Amy & Dafydd Wedding-579Amy & Dafydd Wedding-582Amy & Dafydd Wedding-586Amy & Dafydd Wedding-593-2Amy & Dafydd Wedding-595Amy & Dafydd Wedding-597Amy & Dafydd Wedding-598Amy & Dafydd Wedding-599Amy & Dafydd Wedding-601-2Amy & Dafydd Wedding-602Amy & Dafydd Wedding-606Amy & Dafydd Wedding-670Amy & Dafydd Wedding-675Amy & Dafydd Wedding-677Amy & Dafydd Wedding-681Amy & Dafydd Wedding-682Amy & Dafydd Wedding-688Amy & Dafydd Wedding-690Amy & Dafydd Wedding-693Amy & Dafydd Wedding-695Amy & Dafydd Wedding-606Amy & Dafydd Wedding-602Amy & Dafydd Wedding-700

I’m so lucky to do what I do, I get to meet such wonderful people and capture moments that can be treasured forever. Amy & Dafydd thank you so much for asking me to photograph your special day, it was amazing and i’m so grateful to have been a part of it.

Lv Suze xx