Mr & Mrs Dugine | DoubleTree Hilton Chester Wedding

I met Sharon when she came to visit me at the studio last year, along with her son Austin who was the sweetest little thing and after lots of giggles playing games he came and curled up on my lap for cuddles….. he’s so adorable!! So I was over the moon when they got back in touch after speaking with her fiance Mike to ask me to photograph their wedding.

They were married at the DoubleTree Hilton Chester, this stunning 18th Century Manor house sits in acres of landscaped gardens and is a gorgeous venue on the outskirts of Chester. I think I was just as excited as Sharon and Michael on the run-up to the day… it was my first wedding of this year and I’m always chomping at the bit to get started after a break over Christmas!

We weren’t able to make the most of the picturesque vistas outside unfortunately, the weather decided it was going to be typically British and we had all the seasons in one day…. something I’ve learnt that we have to embrace living here haha. But nothing got in the way of Sharon & Michael having a perfect day, it was amazing…. and went too quickly as they always do… luckily I managed to capture lots of those memories so they can relive it all over again…

Thank you Sharon, Michael & Austin for having me there on your special day I loved every moment.

Love Suze


Mr & Mrs Dugine | DoubleTree Hilton | Highlights Collection


. . . not planned in the slightest but whatever’s on the tv the timing is genius!! hahaha

Sharon&MichaelWedding-92Sharon&MichaelWedding-122Sharon&MichaelWedding-132Sharon&MichaelWedding-133Sharon&MichaelWedding-135Sharon&MichaelWedding-141Sharon&MichaelWedding-142Sharon&MichaelWedding-144Sharon&MichaelWedding-148Sharon&MichaelWedding-151Sharon&MichaelWedding-156Sharon&MichaelWedding-174Sharon&MichaelWedding-179Sharon&MichaelWedding-180Sharon&MichaelWedding-181Sharon&MichaelWedding-184Sharon&MichaelWedding-187Sharon&MichaelWedding-196Sharon&MichaelWedding-198Sharon & Michael Wedding-200Sharon&MichaelWedding-208Sharon&MichaelWedding-215Sharon&MichaelWedding-216Sharon&MichaelWedding-218Sharon&MichaelWedding-221Sharon&MichaelWedding-230Sharon&MichaelWedding-231Sharon&MichaelWedding-233Sharon&MichaelWedding-237Sharon&MichaelWedding-243Sharon&MichaelWedding-245Sharon&MichaelWedding-248Sharon&MichaelWedding-251Sharon&MichaelWedding-263Sharon&MichaelWedding-266Sharon&MichaelWedding-270Sharon&MichaelWedding-280Sharon&MichaelWedding-281Sharon&MichaelWedding-284Sharon&MichaelWedding-289Sharon&MichaelWedding-292Sharon&MichaelWedding-303Sharon&MichaelWedding-307Sharon & Michael Wedding-310Sharon&MichaelWedding-322Sharon&MichaelWedding-324Sharon & Michael Wedding-356Sharon & Michael Wedding-328Sharon&MichaelWedding-343Sharon & Michael Wedding-350-EditSharon&MichaelWedding-355Sharon&MichaelWedding-358Sharon&MichaelWedding-363Sharon&MichaelWedding-365Sharon&MichaelWedding-366Sharon & Michael Wedding-371Sharon & Michael Wedding-380Sharon & Michael Wedding-375.jpgSharon&MichaelWedding-389Sharon & Michael Wedding-404Sharon & Michael Wedding-418-EditSharon & Michael Wedding-420Sharon & Michael Wedding-424Sharon&MichaelWedding-427Sharon & Michael Wedding-429Sharon&MichaelWedding-430Sharon&MichaelWedding-431Sharon&MichaelWedding-435Sharon&MichaelWedding-452Sharon & Michael Wedding-441Sharon & Michael Wedding-444Sharon & Michael Wedding-461Sharon & Michael Wedding-471Sharon & Michael Wedding-494Sharon & Michael Wedding-507Sharon & Michael Wedding-502Sharon & Michael Wedding-510Sharon & Michael Wedding-522Sharon & Michael Wedding-524Sharon & Michael Wedding-525Sharon & Michael Wedding-526Sharon & Michael Wedding-529Sharon & Michael Wedding-533Sharon & Michael Wedding-534Sharon & Michael Wedding-535Sharon & Michael Wedding-544Sharon & Michael Wedding-547-2Sharon & Michael Wedding-553Sharon & Michael Wedding-578Sharon & Michael Wedding-574-EditSharon & Michael Wedding-585Sharon & Michael Wedding-597Sharon & Michael Wedding-603Sharon & Michael Wedding-611Sharon & Michael Wedding-612Sharon & Michael Wedding-616Sharon & Michael Wedding-618-EditSharon & Michael Wedding-619Sharon & Michael Wedding-620Sharon & Michael Wedding-621Sharon & Michael Wedding-623Sharon & Michael Wedding-624Sharon & Michael Wedding-628Sharon & Michael Wedding-630Sharon & Michael Wedding-629Sharon & Michael Wedding-632Sharon & Michael Wedding-633Sharon & Michael Wedding-660Sharon & Michael Wedding-662Sharon & Michael Wedding-656Sharon & Michael Wedding-642Sharon & Michael Wedding-645Sharon & Michael Wedding-647Sharon & Michael Wedding-666Sharon & Michael Wedding-664Sharon & Michael Wedding-677Sharon & Michael Wedding-672Sharon & Michael Wedding-674Sharon & Michael Wedding-604Sharon & Michael Wedding-692Sharon & Michael Wedding-590Sharon & Michael Wedding-693

Credit to all the wonderful suppliers that helped bring together all the special details:

VENUE ~ DoubleTree Hilton Chester






Andy & Nikki | One Groovy Wedding in Chester!

When Nikki first contacted me her first words were something along the lines of ‘… it’s not going to be a typical wedding!’ To which my ears were well and truly pricked and so excited to hear more!

When we first met Nikki could barely contain her excitement about their plans for the day… which included a vintage bus trip, a walk round Chester park and river, reception at Telfords Warehouse with a magician, singers, salsa dancing and bands throughout the night!!

They filled their day to the fullest and it was incredible!! Such a perfect pair with a great sense of humour and game for anything. Nikki it made my day when you went running through the leaves in your dress!! 😀

I loved loved loved capturing your day.. I had the best time!

Here is a handful of highlights from their grooviest day . . . 

Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-1Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-2Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-3Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-36Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-56Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-58Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-61Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-64Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-74Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-77Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-84Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-89Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-92Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-97Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-105Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-107Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-118Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-143Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-146Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-148Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-151Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-152Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-154Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-176Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-181Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-187Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-188Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-207Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-209Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-212Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-218Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-219Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-220Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-236Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-242Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-244Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-248Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-253Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-256Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-261Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-265Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-267Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-269Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-279Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-285Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-286Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-290Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-300Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-308Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-314Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-318Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-319Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-324Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-342Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-344Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-349Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-360Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-361Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-371Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-390Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-391Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-406Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-407Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-414Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-419Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-422Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-436Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-439Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-444Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-447Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-449Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-453Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-460Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-462Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-463Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-470Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-474Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-478Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-482Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-483Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-484Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-508Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-513Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-517Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-526Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-532Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-555Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-560Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-571Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-576Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-582Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-585Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-595Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-623Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-625Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-629Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-646Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-655Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-671Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-672Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-675Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-686Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-692Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-695Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-697Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-699Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-715Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-728Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-729Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-730Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-747Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-750Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-774Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-779Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-788Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-797Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-823Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-825Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-827Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-828Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-829Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-830Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-831Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-837Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-839Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-868Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-874Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-878Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-879

With all the love & happiness in the world to you both. . . Love Suze xx


A HUGE shoutout to all the vendors on the day who came together to make this day as amazing as it was:

MUA: to follow
HAIR: to follow
CAKE: to follow
TRANSPORT: to follow
VENUE: Telfords Warehouse
MAGICIAN: to follow
SINGERS: to follow, Olly Flavell
BANDS: Chemistry Lane, The Treme, Hedge Gods
VIDEOGRAPHERS: Lee Price Productions

Lyn & Mike | Autumn Wedding in Erbistock

Aaaah to Lyn & Mike…. thank you so much for letting me capture your day!

They were married at the beautiful Erbistock Church nestled by the River Dee. I was so excited when Lyn booked me, most weddings I have to travel some distance to but this was right on my doorstep and is absolutely stunning in Autumn…my favourite time of year for weddings!

When we met at the venue prior to the Wedding I loved how excited Mike was… being a tree surgeon he had big hopes of winching me up in the trees across the river to get the best view of them outside the church! haha

The sun shone brightly all day for them, it literally couldn’t have been a nicer day to compliment the warm tones of the autumnal surroundings.

I can’t say how happy I am for them, it was an absolute pleasure editing this gallery, their day was filled with so much love and laughter and I’m so grateful to have been a part of it.

A big thanks to all the talented people which helped make it so wonderful:

HAIR: Head Office Creative Hair Studios

FLOWERS: Flowers In The Window

CAKE: Annabel @ Vermeulens

DAY VENUE: The Boat Inn

NIGHT VENUE: Overton Village Hall

ENTERTAINMENT: Christopher Sims, Band – Cross Roads


And here is just a few moments from their special day . . .

1 Lyn & Mike - Morning Prep-11 Lyn & Mike - Morning Prep-221 Lyn & Mike - Morning Prep-41 Lyn & Mike - Morning Prep-91 Lyn & Mike - Morning Prep-151 Lyn & Mike - Morning Prep-241 Lyn & Mike - Morning Prep-261 Lyn & Mike - Morning Prep-291 Lyn & Mike - Morning Prep-311 Lyn & Mike - Morning Prep-371 Lyn & Mike - Morning Prep-501 Lyn & Mike - Morning Prep-521 Lyn & Mike - Morning Prep-531 Lyn & Mike - Morning Prep-571 Lyn & Mike - Morning Prep-601 Lyn & Mike - Morning Prep-611 Lyn & Mike - Morning Prep-621 Lyn & Mike - Morning Prep-681 Lyn & Mike - Morning Prep-731 Lyn & Mike - Morning Prep-801 Lyn & Mike - Morning Prep-871 Lyn & Mike - Morning Prep-1041 Lyn & Mike - Morning Prep-1072 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-1142 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-1162 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-1192 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-1202 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-1242 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-1282 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-1352 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-1372 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-1382 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-1402 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-1462 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-1502 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-1522 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-1552 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-1562 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-1592 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-1632 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-1652 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-1732 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-1752 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-1812 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-1912 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-1982 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-2012 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-2092 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-2192 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-2333 Lyn & Mike - Reception-2363 Lyn & Mike - Reception-2583 Lyn & Mike - Reception-2553 Lyn & Mike - Reception-2763 Lyn & Mike - Reception-2773 Lyn & Mike - Reception-2783 Lyn & Mike - Reception-2803 Lyn & Mike - Reception-2813 Lyn & Mike - Reception-2853 Lyn & Mike - Reception-2933 Lyn & Mike - Reception-3033 Lyn & Mike - Reception-3223 Lyn & Mike - Reception-3233 Lyn & Mike - Reception-329