Lyn & Mike | Autumn Wedding in Erbistock

Aaaah to Lyn & Mike…. thank you so much for letting me capture your day!

They were married at the beautiful Erbistock Church nestled by the River Dee. I was so excited when Lyn booked me, most weddings I have to travel some distance to but this was right on my doorstep and is absolutely stunning in Autumn…my favourite time of year for weddings!

When we met at the venue prior to the Wedding I loved how excited Mike was… being a tree surgeon he had big hopes of winching me up in the trees across the river to get the best view of them outside the church! haha

The sun shone brightly all day for them, it literally couldn’t have been a nicer day to compliment the warm tones of the autumnal surroundings.

I can’t say how happy I am for them, it was an absolute pleasure editing this gallery, their day was filled with so much love and laughter and I’m so grateful to have been a part of it.

A big thanks to all the talented people which helped make it so wonderful:

HAIR: Head Office Creative Hair Studios

FLOWERS: Flowers In The Window

CAKE: Annabel @ Vermeulens

DAY VENUE: The Boat Inn

NIGHT VENUE: Overton Village Hall

ENTERTAINMENT: Christopher Sims, Band – Cross Roads


And here is just a few moments from their special day . . .

1 Lyn & Mike - Morning Prep-11 Lyn & Mike - Morning Prep-221 Lyn & Mike - Morning Prep-41 Lyn & Mike - Morning Prep-91 Lyn & Mike - Morning Prep-151 Lyn & Mike - Morning Prep-241 Lyn & Mike - Morning Prep-261 Lyn & Mike - Morning Prep-291 Lyn & Mike - Morning Prep-311 Lyn & Mike - Morning Prep-371 Lyn & Mike - Morning Prep-501 Lyn & Mike - Morning Prep-521 Lyn & Mike - Morning Prep-531 Lyn & Mike - Morning Prep-571 Lyn & Mike - Morning Prep-601 Lyn & Mike - Morning Prep-611 Lyn & Mike - Morning Prep-621 Lyn & Mike - Morning Prep-681 Lyn & Mike - Morning Prep-731 Lyn & Mike - Morning Prep-801 Lyn & Mike - Morning Prep-871 Lyn & Mike - Morning Prep-1041 Lyn & Mike - Morning Prep-1072 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-1142 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-1162 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-1192 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-1202 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-1242 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-1282 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-1352 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-1372 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-1382 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-1402 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-1462 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-1502 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-1522 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-1552 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-1562 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-1592 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-1632 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-1652 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-1732 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-1752 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-1812 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-1912 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-1982 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-2012 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-2092 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-2192 Lyn & Mike - Ceremony-2333 Lyn & Mike - Reception-2363 Lyn & Mike - Reception-2583 Lyn & Mike - Reception-2553 Lyn & Mike - Reception-2763 Lyn & Mike - Reception-2773 Lyn & Mike - Reception-2783 Lyn & Mike - Reception-2803 Lyn & Mike - Reception-2813 Lyn & Mike - Reception-2853 Lyn & Mike - Reception-2933 Lyn & Mike - Reception-3033 Lyn & Mike - Reception-3223 Lyn & Mike - Reception-3233 Lyn & Mike - Reception-3293 Lyn & Mike - Reception-3553 Lyn & Mike - Reception-3593 Lyn & Mike - Reception-3603 Lyn & Mike - Reception-3613 Lyn & Mike - Reception-3493 Lyn & Mike - Reception-3703 Lyn & Mike - Reception-3793 Lyn & Mike - Reception-3823 Lyn & Mike - Reception-3863 Lyn & Mike - Reception-3904 Lyn & Mike - Evening-4034 Lyn & Mike - Evening-4104 Lyn & Mike - Evening-4114 Lyn & Mike - Evening-4154 Lyn & Mike - Evening-4204 Lyn & Mike - Evening-4274 Lyn & Mike - Evening-4334 Lyn & Mike - Evening-4464 Lyn & Mike - Evening-4594 Lyn & Mike - Evening-4764 Lyn & Mike - Evening-4844 Lyn & Mike - Evening-4944 Lyn & Mike - Evening-5574 Lyn & Mike - Evening-5314 Lyn & Mike - Evening-5004 Lyn & Mike - Evening-5294 Lyn & Mike - Evening-5704 Lyn & Mike - Evening-5374 Lyn & Mike - Evening-5744 Lyn & Mike - Evening-5734 Lyn & Mike - Evening-5244 Lyn & Mike - Evening-536

Wishing you all the happiness in the world . . . Suze xx

Matt & Vicki

Vicki and i went to High School together, but not seen each other for years since she came to watch me play when i used to be a DJ (…which feels like another life now!) so i was thrilled when she asked me to photograph her wedding.

Surrounded by their family and friends they were married in Ruthin and celebrated into the wee hours afterwards… i don’t think i’ve even seen Vicki so happy and i’m over the moon she’s found her someone that makes her grin from ear to ear.

Here is a small selection of their special moments, there is lots more to see so if you are a wedding guest Matt & Vicki will have the full collection to share with you all.

Matt & Vicki-7Matt & Vicki-1Matt & Vicki-2Matt & Vicki-9Matt & Vicki-22Matt & Vicki-30Matt & Vicki-36Matt & Vicki-67Matt & Vicki-38Matt & Vicki-49Matt & Vicki-55Matt & Vicki-68Matt & Vicki-71Matt & Vicki-73Matt & Vicki-76Matt & Vicki-83Matt & Vicki-86Matt & Vicki-92Matt & Vicki-96Matt & Vicki-106Matt & Vicki-110Matt & Vicki-122Matt & Vicki-129Matt & Vicki-127Matt & Vicki-141Matt & Vicki-147Matt & Vicki-144Matt & Vicki-158Matt & Vicki-155Matt & Vicki-162Matt & Vicki-159Matt & Vicki-164Matt & Vicki-174Matt & Vicki-181Matt & Vicki-184Matt & Vicki-185Matt & Vicki-186Matt & Vicki-187Matt & Vicki-190Matt & Vicki-193Matt & Vicki-194Matt & Vicki-198Matt & Vicki-201Matt & Vicki-202Matt & Vicki-208Matt & Vicki-222Matt & Vicki-231Matt & Vicki-237Matt & Vicki-239Matt & Vicki-256Matt & Vicki-281Matt & Vicki-292Matt & Vicki-299Matt & Vicki-329Matt & Vicki-345Matt & Vicki-377Matt & Vicki-380

Thank you for a wonderful day and for making me feel so welcome….and sorry i couldn’t stay and drink….even though Bob was very temping with his repeated offer of a Baileys ūüėÄ

Lv Suze xx





Steve & Siobhan |Croes Howell


Steve & Siobhan’s Wedding was so enjoyable from the moment we got there until we packed away in the evening…these two souls are seriously the most chilled, happy & humble couple i’ve ever had the pleasure to photograph. So grateful for every little detail and everyone involved in making their day as special as it was.

The were married at Bersham Church which is incredible and nestled in the beautiful woodland, I joined them on their Big Double Decker bus which transported them there and then back to the Croes Howell who were brilliant and made sure every detail was just perfect.

The pianist entertained everyone inside, the cocktail bar outside kept drinks flowing with the live music in the background and the sun shone all day… couldn’t of gone any better!

Their gallery is huge because there was so much to photograph and it was very hard to pick just a few, but here is a handful of their memories…..

Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-3Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-6Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-11DSC_5148-EditSteve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-12Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-15Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-21Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-32-EditSteve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-36Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-37-EditSteve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-38Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-39-EditSteve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-42Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-72Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-81Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-92Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-94Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-52Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-109Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-116Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-117Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-127Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-141Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-182DSC_5173DSC_5272-EditDSC_5367DSC_5400DSC_5423DSC_5489DSC_5567DSC_5574Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-161Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-167Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-171Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-177Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-178Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-180Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-198Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-202Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-209Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-210Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-226Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-229.jpgSteve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-230-2Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-234Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-236Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-241Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-242Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-246Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-247Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-254Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-261Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-270Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-265Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-284Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-295Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-298Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-299Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-303Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-322Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-323Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-331Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-332Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-336Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-339Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-357-EditSteve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-359Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-367_SRH5220-EditSteve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-369Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-375Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-378Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-382Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-2DSC_6075Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-441DSC_6093Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-421Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-401Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-413Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-409Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-414Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-416Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-423Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-470Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-474Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-476Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-483Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-497Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-442Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-528Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-535Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-514Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-541Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-515Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-553Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-556Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-558Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-590Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-593Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-560Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-563Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-564Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-569Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-611Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-601Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-603Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-617Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-629Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-631Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-634Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-651Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-661Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-675Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-691

What a day….didn’t want it to end! Thank you for letting us be part of it!

Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-623

Lv Suze & Kamila xx

Church: Bersham Church

Venue: Croes Howell Restaurant Bar Grill

Transport: Route Master 4 Hire





Photobooth: Flashback Entertainment

Posed or Candid Photos?

My little girl Sophie….i keep calling her little but she is now 8 going on 16, doesn’t play with toys, appears to be turning into a computer programmer (!!???) has started street dancing and is so up to date with music and latest trends BUT she will always be my little girl even when she’s towering above me and i’m thin and grey!

Well she is always my assistant when setting up for any shoots “Soph can you just come and sit on this spot so i can get my settings right” Is probably my most used sentence! But she cannot sit….she has to pose, as soon as the camera is lifted i don’t know what happens…well, this happens..

I got a shock when i did my very first proper kids shoot a few years ago…Soph had always just ‘done it’ in front of the camera and i soon realised that a lot of children don’t even want to have a camera pointed at them and that the ‘counselling’ and getting to know them before you can even start is probably the most important part¬†and crucial to getting good relaxed photos of children¬†in the studio.

But why do we want photos of our kids, is it to just document how they look at a certain age or is it to capture who they are as an individual? Because surely¬†that’s what is most important, we want to look back at photos and see THEM, not the startled kid that has been plonked on a box and been told to smile.

So when it comes to the photos i really love, well they are the ones that kinda happen by accident, caught in the moment, or even when things don’t go to plan but turn out better anyway.

Like this……

We went to feed the horses, and i took my camera because i wanted to take some photos of them while we were there. THEN it absolutely poured down, we got drenched!! But it was so funny, and i slipped in horse poo while i was trying to get a few pics of Soph as she was running from the rain. And they aren’t well taken photos, the composition isn’t great, the light is dull…but they have the memories that are attached to them.


Rhian & Craig ~ Wedding

This photo of Rhian and Craig is a true reflection on what a wonderful couple they are, humble….happy….caring….i could go on! The whole day was a laugh from the beginning to end…Rhian brought back nostalgia of me on my wedding day when her accessory of choice was a champagne bottle for most of the day!

They were married in Caerwys Church, which is the village where Rhian lives and grew up in so it was a really special day there for everyone.  Craig works as a mechanic and has a real passion for cars so in true style they travelled in a Rolls Royce to the Springfield Hotel to carry on their celebrations into the early hours.

The champagne flowed…cigars were smoked…there were tears….but a lot more laughs…and some crazy dancing….

Thank you so much Rhian & Craig for allowing me to capture those moments for you, you are amazing xxx


Rhian & Craig Wedding-1Rhian & Craig Wedding-4Rhian & Craig Wedding-7Rhian & Craig Wedding-9Rhian & Craig Wedding-12Rhian & Craig Wedding-31Rhian & Craig Wedding-41Rhian & Craig Wedding-57Rhian & Craig Wedding-75Rhian & Craig Wedding-99Rhian & Craig Wedding-102Rhian & Craig Wedding-107Rhian & Craig Wedding-117-2Rhian & Craig Wedding-123Rhian & Craig Wedding-128Rhian & Craig Wedding-135Rhian & Craig Wedding-140Rhian & Craig Wedding-146Rhian & Craig Wedding-155Rhian & Craig Wedding-165Rhian & Craig Wedding-168Rhian & Craig Wedding-169Rhian & Craig Wedding-171Rhian & Craig Wedding-174Rhian & Craig Wedding-183Rhian & Craig Wedding-186Rhian & Craig Wedding-195Rhian & Craig Wedding-211Rhian & Craig Wedding-217Rhian & Craig Wedding-229Rhian & Craig Wedding-253Rhian & Craig Wedding-257Rhian & Craig Wedding-309Rhian & Craig Wedding-317Rhian & Craig Wedding-337Rhian & Craig Wedding-346Rhian & Craig Wedding-351Rhian & Craig Wedding-357Rhian & Craig Wedding-363-2Rhian & Craig Wedding-386Rhian & Craig Wedding-406Rhian & Craig Wedding-427Rhian & Craig Wedding-430Rhian & Craig Wedding-437Rhian & Craig Wedding-480Rhian & Craig Wedding-488Rhian & Craig Wedding-491Rhian & Craig Wedding-504Rhian & Craig Wedding-507Rhian & Craig Wedding-508Rhian & Craig Wedding-532Rhian & Craig Wedding-545Rhian & Craig Wedding-573Rhian & Craig Wedding-574Rhian & Craig Wedding-581Rhian & Craig Wedding-587

Credits to all the wonderful people that were involved:

MUA –¬†

Hair РBridalandOccasion Hair ByLowri (Facebook)

Florist –¬†

Cake – Edenshine Delights

Car –¬†

Entertainment – Cellar Dwellers