Laurie & Chris ~ Lion Quays Autumn Wedding

Lion Quays Autumn Wedding ~ 10th of September 2021

How gorgeous are these two together!! So utterly in love, it was such an honour to photograph the marriage of these soul mates ❤♥ and so happy to see them get married after having to wait so long.

I spent the morning with Laurie covering the bridal preparations at her parent’s house, and thanks to modern technology and a fancy doorbell camera app Laurie managed to get a spy on Chris & the Groomsmen all suited and booted just as they were leaving, how clever is that! Haha.

They were married at the Lion Quays, which is like going down memory lane for me because that’s where my hubby and I were married almost exactly 11 years ago! And like us, they were lucky with the weather, apart from the odd little outburst of rain there was sunshine too so plenty of time to enjoy the lovely outdoor areas.

There was laughter, lots of it and plenty of shapes thrown on the dance floor too! Chris’s family had all travelled over from Ireland and the speeches and stories were so enjoyable to listen to and it’s gotta be said, they know how to party!! It was a perfect day from start to finish.

Thank you so much for asking me to photograph your special day, I loved meeting all your family and I wish you both a long and happy life together. Suze xx

A selection of highlights from their special day . . .
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A huge thanks to all of these amazing suppliers who made the day as perfect as it was –

Venue – Lion Quays Hotel – Lion Quays Hotel

Hair – Roots away –

Dress – Shropshire Country Brides –

Flowers – Lily The Pink –

Car – 2XL Limousines –

AND Special thanks to my girl Kamila for covering the Groom prep for me, awesome as always!

Rachael & John| Tower Hill Barns Wedding

I had the pleasure of photographing Rachael & John’s Wedding at the stunning venue Tower Hill Barns on the 9th August 2019.

It was a brilliant day from start to finish, despite the good ol British Weather not quite knowing what to do with itself, we had lots of rain but lots of sunshine too! And thankfully the sun shone for most of the afternoon so everyone was able to enjoy the luscious bee and butterfly grounds of the venue.

The drinks flowed and the food was amazing as always! And after some emotional speeches, the band was ready to get the party started . . . . with Rachael first on the mic, the drums and then dance floor! John did join her . . . . eventually 😀

Thank you so much for asking me to photograph your special day, it was a ball from start to finish! I wish you all the happiness for your future together.

Lv Suze xx

Here’s a selection of highlights from their special day . . .

(Please note these images are copyrighted, do not screenshot, download or use in any way. They are also very small web size versions of the originals and will look pixelated if viewed large)

Rachael & John Wedding-2Rachael & John Wedding-3Rachael & John Wedding-9Rachael & John Wedding-12Rachael & John Wedding-21Rachael & John Wedding-26Rachael & John Wedding-36Rachael & John Wedding-32Rachael & John Wedding-37Rachael & John Wedding-34Rachael & John Wedding-42Rachael & John Wedding-43Rachael & John Wedding-49Rachael & John Wedding-51Rachael & John Wedding-52Rachael & John Wedding-65Rachael & John Wedding-69Rachael & John Wedding-72Rachael & John Wedding-109Rachael & John Wedding-124Rachael & John Wedding-117Rachael & John Wedding-121Rachael & John Wedding-130Rachael & John Wedding-135Rachael & John Wedding-136Rachael & John Wedding-139Rachael & John Wedding-141Rachael & John Wedding-142Rachael & John Wedding-85Rachael & John Wedding-86Rachael & John Wedding-94Rachael & John Wedding-95Rachael & John Wedding-146Rachael & John Wedding-153Rachael & John Wedding-157Rachael & John Wedding-162Rachael & John Wedding-172Rachael & John Wedding-180Rachael & John Wedding-185Rachael & John Wedding-187Rachael & John Wedding-191Rachael & John Wedding-198Rachael & John Wedding-201Rachael & John Wedding-202Rachael & John Wedding-210Rachael & John Wedding-217Rachael & John Wedding-205Rachael & John Wedding-216Rachael & John Wedding-221Rachael & John Wedding-220Rachael & John Wedding-225Rachael & John Wedding-228Rachael & John Wedding-245Rachael & John Wedding-247Rachael & John Wedding-248Rachael & John Wedding-262Rachael & John Wedding-261Rachael & John Wedding-266Rachael & John Wedding-267Rachael & John Wedding-270Rachael & John Wedding-280Rachael & John Wedding-289Rachael & John Wedding-293Rachael & John Wedding-294Rachael & John Wedding-295Rachael & John Wedding-296Rachael & John Wedding-304Rachael & John Wedding-313Rachael & John Wedding-315Rachael & John Wedding-326Rachael & John Wedding-327Rachael & John Wedding-335Rachael & John Wedding-342Rachael & John Wedding-343Rachael & John Wedding-354Rachael & John Wedding-358Rachael & John Wedding-357Rachael & John Wedding-376Rachael & John Wedding-382Rachael & John Wedding-387Rachael & John Wedding-388Rachael & John Wedding-390Rachael & John Wedding-393Rachael & John Wedding-407Rachael & John Wedding-413Rachael & John Wedding-425Rachael & John Wedding-426Rachael & John Wedding-428Rachael & John Wedding-439Rachael & John Wedding-443Rachael & John Wedding-451Rachael & John Wedding-453Rachael & John Wedding-437Rachael & John Wedding-455Rachael & John Wedding-456Rachael & John Wedding-458Rachael & John Wedding-459Rachael & John Wedding-466Rachael & John Wedding-469Rachael & John Wedding-472Rachael & John Wedding-483Rachael & John Wedding-512Rachael & John Wedding-516Rachael & John Wedding-518Rachael & John Wedding-520Rachael & John Wedding-524Rachael & John Wedding-527Rachael & John Wedding-535Rachael & John Wedding-489Rachael & John Wedding-485Rachael & John Wedding-495Rachael & John Wedding-508Rachael & John Wedding-498Rachael & John Wedding-507Rachael & John Wedding-569Rachael & John Wedding-560Rachael & John Wedding-552Rachael & John Wedding-565Rachael & John Wedding-570Rachael & John Wedding-566Rachael & John Wedding-582Rachael & John Wedding-589Rachael & John Wedding-590Rachael & John Wedding-591Rachael & John Wedding-601Rachael & John Wedding-605Rachael & John Wedding-608

It wouldn’t be what it was without all the people involved so Rachael & John would like to say a huge thanks to:

Make up – Emma Richards, Melissa Madeup Laura Williamson SPMU Beauty

Hair – Zoey Richards Hair & Makeup

Cake – Lesley’s Cake Bakes

Flowers – Little Green Flowers

Stationary – Mama inc Studio

Venue – Tower Hill Barns

Sharon & James | Tower Hill Barns Wedding

Sharon & James were married at the stunning Tower Hill Barns on the 26th July 2020.

The venue is absolutely breathtaking, the grounds are full of life, a butterfly and bee haven it’s just so pretty!

They made their vows in an intimate ceremony held in the grounds under the 19th century sandstone railway bridge…. such a gorgeous place!

This was a wedding that was just a joy to photograph from start to finish, such a lovely couple, beautiful venue and couldn’t have asked for better weather that day!

Thank you so much for having me as your photographer to document your special day.

Lv Suze xx

I’d like to personally thank all the staff at Tower Hill Barns for looking after me…. and I have to tell you, the food is to die for! 😀

Here’s a selection of highlights from their special day . . .

(Please note these images are copyrighted, do not screenshot, download or use in any way. They are also very small web size versions of the originals and will look pixelated if viewed large)

Sharon & James-2Sharon & James-308Sharon & James-9Sharon & James-10Sharon & James-16Sharon & James-17Sharon & James-20Sharon & James-22Sharon & James-23Sharon & James-26Sharon & James-27Sharon & James-34Sharon & James-36Sharon & James-37Sharon & James-40Sharon & James-42Sharon & James-43Sharon & James-44Sharon & James-47Sharon & James-50Sharon & James-51Sharon & James-58Sharon & James-57Sharon & James-60Sharon & James-64Sharon & James-66Sharon & James-67Sharon & James-71Sharon & James-72Sharon & James-73Sharon & James-69Sharon & James-75Sharon & James-80Sharon & James-82Sharon & James-85Sharon & James-88Sharon & James-89Sharon & James-90Sharon & James-92Sharon & James-94Sharon & James-96Sharon & James-100Sharon & James-102Sharon & James-106Sharon & James-109Sharon & James-114Sharon & James-117Sharon & James-118Sharon & James-120Sharon & James-123Sharon & James-128Sharon & James-129Sharon & James-132Sharon & James-138Sharon & James-139Sharon & James-144Sharon & James-145Sharon & James-147Sharon & James-149Sharon & James-152Sharon & James-153Sharon & James-159Sharon & James-160Sharon & James-162Sharon & James-163Sharon & James-166Sharon & James-175Sharon & James-176Sharon & James-178Sharon & James-183Sharon & James-184Sharon & James-185Sharon & James-190Sharon & James-192Sharon & James-194Sharon & James-195Sharon & James-197Sharon & James-201Sharon & James-203Sharon & James-206Sharon & James-207Sharon & James-222Sharon & James-223Sharon & James-226Sharon & James-227Sharon & James-230Sharon & James-233Sharon & James-242Sharon & James-245Sharon & James-258Sharon & James-274Sharon & James-282Sharon & James-277Sharon & James-284Sharon & James-290Sharon & James-303Sharon & James-301Sharon & James-304Sharon & James-295Sharon & James-306Sharon & James-317Sharon & James-325