Jen & Ankur’s Wedding Day | Tower Hill Barns

Jen & Ankur had the most beautiful day for their wedding, they married at All Saints Church in Gresford, and then spent the rest of the day celebrating with all their family and friends at the stunning venue Tower Hill Barns.

Jen’s bridal prep was all done at Tower Hill Barns in their new Bridal Prep room, this new area was the perfect place for her bridal party to get ready and relax out on the balcony terrace before heading off to the Church. Jen’s family, nieces and nephews spent the morning getting ready there too, the kids had great fun playing in the grounds while Jen finished off getting ready in the cottage with her Mum.

It was my first time at All Saints Church and I was so pleased when they told me they were getting married there, it’s such a beautiful place, the grand architecture of the building allows so much light in which makes it perfect for photos! After the ceremony, Jen & Ankur drove away in style, in the back of a Peacock blue 1979 Rolls-Royce…. my favourite car from Chester Wedding Cars.

The rest of the day was spent eating, laughing, drinking and having a wonderful time with all their family and friends at Tower Hill Barns. They were blessed with the weather, and had their first dance out on the terrace as the sun set… it really was a perfect day!

A selection of highlights from their special day . . .
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Dear Jen & Ankur, thank you so much for choosing me to be your wedding photographer, I wish you oodles of love and happiness for the rest of your lives together …. and I look forward to meeting your new arrival!

A huge thanks to all of these amazing suppliers who made the day as perfect as it was –

Hair & Makeup – @loujomakeup loujomakeup

Flowers -@vividfloraldesign vividfloraldesign

Cake -Katie’s Little Cake Company Katie’s Little Cake Company

Harp -@Bethanharp Bethanharp

Band -@Danielanddeyes Daniel & Deyes

Car -Chester Wedding Cars Chester Wedding Cars

Tallulah & Michael | Winter Wedding at Tower Hill Barns

I was so eager to start my 2020 Weddings with Tallulah and Michael’s for many reasons, I had the pleasure of photographing Tallulah’s sisters Wedding a few years ago and I love this family! They were so much fun to photograph, love each other to bits … and know how to have a great time! Also, to return to Tower Hill Barns as it’s right on my doorstep and only a short drive from Llangollen, a top tourist attraction when visiting Wales for its stunning scenery, Railway, Historical grounds, festivals, food and much more. There’s definitely plenty for Wedding Guests to do if they plan to stay a little longer! Tower Hill Barns is one of my favourite venues, I love to photograph Weddings there with its beautiful grounds, gorgeous interior, staff that look after you and not to mention the incredible food!

Bride and Groom prep were all done at the venue with Tallulah and the girls in the cottage and Mike and the boys in the salon. It was such a windy blustery day and even though it forecast rain for most of the day we were lucky to get outside to do their family photos under the bridge and their sparkler shot that they had much hoped for.

Dear Tallulah and Mike, thank you for letting me capture your special day. I hope you have a wonderful life together, with years of happiness, love and laughter!

Lv Suze xx


Here’s a selection of highlights from their special day . . .

(Please note these images are copyrighted, do not screenshot, download or use in any way. They are also very small web size versions of the originals and will look pixelated if viewed large)


Tallulah & Michael Wedding-1Tallulah & Michael Wedding-3Tallulah & Michael Wedding-8Tallulah & Michael Wedding-16Tallulah & Michael Wedding-30Tallulah & Michael Wedding-60Tallulah & Michael Wedding-62Tallulah & Michael Wedding-63Tallulah & Michael Wedding-65Tallulah & Michael Wedding-66Tallulah & Michael Wedding-67Tallulah & Michael Wedding-69Tallulah & Michael Wedding-74Tallulah & Michael Wedding-76Tallulah & Michael Wedding-80Tallulah & Michael Wedding-81Tallulah & Michael Wedding-83Tallulah & Michael Wedding-88Tallulah & Michael Wedding-90Tallulah & Michael Wedding-92Tallulah & Michael Wedding-95Tallulah & Michael Wedding-96Tallulah & Michael Wedding-99Tallulah & Michael Wedding-100Tallulah & Michael Wedding-103Tallulah & Michael Wedding-105Tallulah & Michael Wedding-106Tallulah & Michael Wedding-108Tallulah & Michael Wedding-111Tallulah & Michael Wedding-115Tallulah & Michael Wedding-118Tallulah & Michael Wedding-120Tallulah & Michael Wedding-124Tallulah & Michael Wedding-125Tallulah & Michael Wedding-127Tallulah & Michael Wedding-132Tallulah & Michael Wedding-133Tallulah & Michael Wedding-135Tallulah & Michael Wedding-137Tallulah & Michael Wedding-139Tallulah & Michael Wedding-140Tallulah & Michael Wedding-141Tallulah & Michael Wedding-145Tallulah & Michael Wedding-147Tallulah & Michael Wedding-156Tallulah & Michael Wedding-157Tallulah & Michael Wedding-159Tallulah & Michael Wedding-160Tallulah & Michael Wedding-162Tallulah & Michael Wedding-164Tallulah & Michael Wedding-165Tallulah & Michael Wedding-166Tallulah & Michael Wedding-167Tallulah & Michael Wedding-169Tallulah & Michael Wedding-170Tallulah & Michael Wedding-176Tallulah & Michael Wedding-178Tallulah & Michael Wedding-179Tallulah & Michael Wedding-175Tallulah & Michael Wedding-183Tallulah & Michael Wedding-187Tallulah & Michael Wedding-190Tallulah & Michael Wedding-191Tallulah & Michael Wedding-192Tallulah & Michael Wedding-194Tallulah & Michael Wedding-200Tallulah & Michael Wedding-201Tallulah & Michael Wedding-202Tallulah & Michael Wedding-204Tallulah & Michael Wedding-206Tallulah & Michael Wedding-212Tallulah & Michael Wedding-213Tallulah & Michael Wedding-219Tallulah & Michael Wedding-224Tallulah & Michael Wedding-226Tallulah & Michael Wedding-228Tallulah & Michael Wedding-230Tallulah & Michael Wedding-232Tallulah & Michael Wedding-233Tallulah & Michael Wedding-238Tallulah & Michael Wedding-239Tallulah & Michael Wedding-246Tallulah & Michael Wedding-258Tallulah & Michael Wedding-259Tallulah & Michael Wedding-262Tallulah & Michael Wedding-265Tallulah & Michael Wedding-266Tallulah & Michael Wedding-267Tallulah & Michael Wedding-269Tallulah & Michael Wedding-284Tallulah & Michael Wedding-285Tallulah & Michael Wedding-289Tallulah & Michael Wedding-291Tallulah & Michael Wedding-293Tallulah & Michael Wedding-295Tallulah & Michael Wedding-296Tallulah & Michael Wedding-297Tallulah & Michael Wedding-301Tallulah & Michael Wedding-305Tallulah & Michael Wedding-308Tallulah & Michael Wedding-310Tallulah & Michael Wedding-319Tallulah & Michael Wedding-327Tallulah & Michael Wedding-328Tallulah & Michael Wedding-329Tallulah & Michael Wedding-333Tallulah & Michael Wedding-338Tallulah & Michael Wedding-339Tallulah & Michael Wedding-341Tallulah & Michael Wedding-354Tallulah & Michael Wedding-358Tallulah & Michael Wedding-362Tallulah & Michael Wedding-363Tallulah & Michael Wedding-364Tallulah & Michael Wedding-366Tallulah & Michael Wedding-368Tallulah & Michael Wedding-378Tallulah & Michael Wedding-381Tallulah & Michael Wedding-385Tallulah & Michael Wedding-395Tallulah & Michael Wedding-409Tallulah & Michael Wedding-411Tallulah & Michael Wedding-413Tallulah & Michael Wedding-422Tallulah & Michael Wedding-426Tallulah & Michael Wedding-430Tallulah & Michael Wedding-431Tallulah & Michael Wedding-433Tallulah & Michael Wedding-437Tallulah & Michael Wedding-438Tallulah & Michael Wedding-440Tallulah & Michael Wedding-441Tallulah & Michael Wedding-443Tallulah & Michael Wedding-444Tallulah & Michael Wedding-445Tallulah & Michael Wedding-446Tallulah & Michael Wedding-452Tallulah & Michael Wedding-455Tallulah & Michael Wedding-460Tallulah & Michael Wedding-461Tallulah & Michael Wedding-462Tallulah & Michael Wedding-470Tallulah & Michael Wedding-477Tallulah & Michael Wedding-483Tallulah & Michael Wedding-484Tallulah & Michael Wedding-502Tallulah & Michael Wedding-508Tallulah & Michael Wedding-515Tallulah & Michael Wedding-521Tallulah & Michael Wedding-528Tallulah & Michael Wedding-533Tallulah & Michael Wedding-539Tallulah & Michael Wedding-545Tallulah & Michael Wedding-551Tallulah & Michael Wedding-555Tallulah & Michael Wedding-564Tallulah & Michael Wedding-569Tallulah & Michael Wedding-590Tallulah & Michael Wedding-596Tallulah & Michael Wedding-598Tallulah & Michael Wedding-609Tallulah & Michael Wedding-613Tallulah & Michael Wedding-615Tallulah & Michael Wedding-618Tallulah & Michael Wedding-622Tallulah & Michael Wedding-627Tallulah & Michael Wedding-628Tallulah & Michael Wedding-636Tallulah & Michael Wedding-638Tallulah & Michael Wedding-640Tallulah & Michael Wedding-647Tallulah & Michael Wedding-649Tallulah & Michael Wedding-651Tallulah & Michael Wedding-665Tallulah & Michael Wedding-670Tallulah & Michael Wedding-671Tallulah & Michael Wedding-672Tallulah & Michael Wedding-673Tallulah & Michael Wedding-676Tallulah & Michael Wedding-680Tallulah & Michael Wedding-681Tallulah & Michael Wedding-683Tallulah & Michael Wedding-685Tallulah & Michael Wedding-690Tallulah & Michael Wedding-692Tallulah & Michael Wedding-693Tallulah & Michael Wedding-694Tallulah & Michael Wedding-696Tallulah & Michael Wedding-697Tallulah & Michael Wedding-702Tallulah & Michael Wedding-713Tallulah & Michael Wedding-714Tallulah & Michael Wedding-715Tallulah & Michael Wedding-716Tallulah & Michael Wedding-720Tallulah & Michael Wedding-723Tallulah & Michael Wedding-724Tallulah & Michael Wedding-725Tallulah & Michael Wedding-726Tallulah & Michael Wedding-738Tallulah & Michael Wedding-739Tallulah & Michael Wedding-741Tallulah & Michael Wedding-748Tallulah & Michael Wedding-749Tallulah & Michael Wedding-752Tallulah & Michael Wedding-753Tallulah & Michael Wedding-754Tallulah & Michael Wedding-759Tallulah & Michael Wedding-762Tallulah & Michael Wedding-771Tallulah & Michael Wedding-787Tallulah & Michael Wedding-794

Tallulah and Mike would like to say a huge thank you to all the wonderful suppliers that helped make their day perfect:

Venue – Tower Hill Barns

Hair & Makeup – Lizzie Griffiths

Cake – Friend – Izzy Tin

Dress – David’s Bridal

Flowers – Mother of the Groom


Rachael & John| Tower Hill Barns Wedding

I had the pleasure of photographing Rachael & John’s Wedding at the stunning venue Tower Hill Barns on the 9th August 2019.

It was a brilliant day from start to finish, despite the good ol British Weather not quite knowing what to do with itself, we had lots of rain but lots of sunshine too! And thankfully the sun shone for most of the afternoon so everyone was able to enjoy the luscious bee and butterfly grounds of the venue.

The drinks flowed and the food was amazing as always! And after some emotional speeches, the band was ready to get the party started . . . . with Rachael first on the mic, the drums and then dance floor! John did join her . . . . eventually 😀

Thank you so much for asking me to photograph your special day, it was a ball from start to finish! I wish you all the happiness for your future together.

Lv Suze xx

Here’s a selection of highlights from their special day . . .

(Please note these images are copyrighted, do not screenshot, download or use in any way. They are also very small web size versions of the originals and will look pixelated if viewed large)

Rachael & John Wedding-2Rachael & John Wedding-3Rachael & John Wedding-9Rachael & John Wedding-12Rachael & John Wedding-21Rachael & John Wedding-26Rachael & John Wedding-36Rachael & John Wedding-32Rachael & John Wedding-37Rachael & John Wedding-34Rachael & John Wedding-42Rachael & John Wedding-43Rachael & John Wedding-49Rachael & John Wedding-51Rachael & John Wedding-52Rachael & John Wedding-65Rachael & John Wedding-69