Natalie & Steve’s Wedding Day ~ Hanmer Church ~ 17th of July 2021

Ooohhh how I’ve missed weddings and what a day to kick them off!!!! Natalie & Steve’s was my first one this year now that life is returning to normal and what can I say except wow, from start to finish it was literally the perfect day. Steve’s careful selection for the ideal date for the weather….which he researched thoroughly (I love Steve’s attention to detail!)….paid off as it turned out to be one of the hottest days of the year. Which I’m not going to lie, wasn’t the easiest of working conditions, but it was so worth it for the gorgeous sun-kissed photos we got. The Marquee was decorated by uplit events the day before the wedding and as I only live a few mins away I was able to visit the night before to get a sneak peek and take all the detail shots of the incredible blossom tree decor! 

On the day I spent the morning with the girls at Natalie’s parents’ house, there were lots of laughs…. and happy tears too! The relaxed flow to the preparations always kicks up a gear in the final half an hour, there’s a buzz of everyone running around trying to find their final touches, but as soon as Natalie had her dress on she silenced the room, she looked simply breathtaking in her dress from Brides Of Chester.

I wasn’t able to cover Steve’s morning preparations because I was too far away to do both but they were in good hands with my second shooter Kamila who had lots of fun with them.

Their ceremony was held at Hanmer Church, which sits proudly on the hill overlooking the lake, and this was our backdrop for their family photos…. whilst trying to avoid the odd swimmer! From here all the guests piled onto the red double-decker bus with fizz in hand and headed to the reception which was held at Steve & Natalie’s Queensbridge Farm. Everyone was greeted with drinks and canapes and John King sang while the girls danced.. and there was even a mini guest singer!

It was such an amazing day and I could write about every little detail, oh I mustn’t forget when Steve went to water the greenhouse plants in the middle of doing their portraits haha… but I know you just want to see the photos ;-D So here’s a handful, there’s a lot more but I’ll let Natalie & Steve share those with you! I’ll also put the links to all the wonderful suppliers at the end.

A selection of highlights from their special day . . .

(Please note these images are copyrighted, do not screenshot, download or use in any way. They are also very small web size versions of the originals and will look pixelated if viewed large – ideal for phone viewing)

To Natalie & Steve, thank you so much for choosing me to be your wedding photographer. I want to wish you all the happiness in the world, I think you were made to be with each other and I hope you have a long and happy life together.

Lv Suze xx


I’d like to say a special thanks to Kamila who was my second shooter for the day, we’ve been friends and photography nerds since 2013 and I love working with her. I’d normally have a cheesy selfie of us to put here but I think we were that busy on the day we forgot to do one!

I also hope to work alongside John again who was their wedding planner, he made sure the day ran to perfection and it was a pleasure to work alongside him. I would recommend him to anyone planning their wedding.

And thank you to Stuart from, who stepped in last minute to cover for Dave from ‘Dave Bones’ who was the original videographer but fell poorly a few days before. So as a team effort Stuart filmed the day and Dave will be editing it so I can’t wait to see that. And thank you Stuart for this epic sky view of their reception –  

A huge thanks to all of these amazing suppliers who made the day as perfect as it was –

Wedding planner
Make up
Hair – Claire Houghton Wedding nails Wedding dress Bridesmaid dresses Marquee dressing – uplit events Invites – I do designs
Wedding cars
Wedding bus
Wedding cake
Desert table
Fish and chip van
Band – hard to handle
John King- wedding reception guitarist
Videographer – editor Film
Church string trio
Wedding rings
Wedding signs and stationary

Tallulah & Michael | Winter Wedding at Tower Hill Barns

I was so eager to start my 2020 Weddings with Tallulah and Michael’s for many reasons, I had the pleasure of photographing Tallulah’s sisters Wedding a few years ago and I love this family! They were so much fun to photograph, love each other to bits … and know how to have a great time! Also, to return to Tower Hill Barns as it’s right on my doorstep and only a short drive from Llangollen, a top tourist attraction when visiting Wales for its stunning scenery, Railway, Historical grounds, festivals, food and much more. There’s definitely plenty for Wedding Guests to do if they plan to stay a little longer! Tower Hill Barns is one of my favourite venues, I love to photograph Weddings there with its beautiful grounds, gorgeous interior, staff that look after you and not to mention the incredible food!

Bride and Groom prep were all done at the venue with Tallulah and the girls in the cottage and Mike and the boys in the salon. It was such a windy blustery day and even though it forecast rain for most of the day we were lucky to get outside to do their family photos under the bridge and their sparkler shot that they had much hoped for.

Dear Tallulah and Mike, thank you for letting me capture your special day. I hope you have a wonderful life together, with years of happiness, love and laughter!

Lv Suze xx


Here’s a selection of highlights from their special day . . .

(Please note these images are copyrighted, do not screenshot, download or use in any way. They are also very small web size versions of the originals and will look pixelated if viewed large)


Tallulah & Michael Wedding-1Tallulah & Michael Wedding-3Tallulah & Michael Wedding-8Tallulah & Michael Wedding-16Tallulah & Michael Wedding-30Tallulah & Michael Wedding-60Tallulah & Michael Wedding-62Tallulah & Michael Wedding-63Tallulah & Michael Wedding-65Tallulah & Michael Wedding-66Tallulah & Michael Wedding-67Tallulah & Michael Wedding-69Tallulah & Michael Wedding-74Tallulah & Michael Wedding-76Tallulah & Michael Wedding-80Tallulah & Michael Wedding-81Tallulah & Michael Wedding-83Tallulah & Michael Wedding-88Tallulah & Michael Wedding-90Tallulah & Michael Wedding-92Tallulah & Michael Wedding-95Tallulah & Michael Wedding-96Tallulah & Michael Wedding-99Tallulah & Michael Wedding-100Tallulah & Michael Wedding-103Tallulah & Michael Wedding-105Tallulah & Michael Wedding-106Tallulah & Michael Wedding-108Tallulah & Michael Wedding-111Tallulah & Michael Wedding-115Tallulah & Michael Wedding-118Tallulah & Michael Wedding-120Tallulah & Michael Wedding-124Tallulah & Michael Wedding-125Tallulah & Michael Wedding-127Tallulah & Michael Wedding-132Tallulah & Michael Wedding-133Tallulah & Michael Wedding-135Tallulah & Michael Wedding-137Tallulah & Michael Wedding-139Tallulah & Michael Wedding-140Tallulah & Michael Wedding-141Tallulah & Michael Wedding-145Tallulah & Michael Wedding-147Tallulah & Michael Wedding-156Tallulah & Michael Wedding-157Tallulah & Michael Wedding-159Tallulah & Michael Wedding-160Tallulah & Michael Wedding-162Tallulah & Michael Wedding-164Tallulah & Michael Wedding-165Tallulah & Michael Wedding-166Tallulah & Michael Wedding-167Tallulah & Michael Wedding-169Tallulah & Michael Wedding-170Tallulah & Michael Wedding-176Tallulah & Michael Wedding-178Tallulah & Michael Wedding-179Tallulah & Michael Wedding-175Tallulah & Michael Wedding-183Tallulah & Michael Wedding-187Tallulah & Michael Wedding-190Tallulah & Michael Wedding-191Tallulah & Michael Wedding-192Tallulah & Michael Wedding-194Tallulah & Michael Wedding-200Tallulah & Michael Wedding-201Tallulah & Michael Wedding-202Tallulah & Michael Wedding-204Tallulah & Michael Wedding-206Tallulah & Michael Wedding-212Tallulah & Michael Wedding-213Tallulah & Michael Wedding-219Tallulah & Michael Wedding-224Tallulah & Michael Wedding-226Tallulah & Michael Wedding-228Tallulah & Michael Wedding-230Tallulah & Michael Wedding-232Tallulah & Michael Wedding-233Tallulah & Michael Wedding-238Tallulah & Michael Wedding-239Tallulah & Michael Wedding-246Tallulah & Michael Wedding-258Tallulah & Michael Wedding-259Tallulah & Michael Wedding-262Tallulah & Michael Wedding-265Tallulah & Michael Wedding-266Tallulah & Michael Wedding-267Tallulah & Michael Wedding-269Tallulah & Michael Wedding-284Tallulah & Michael Wedding-285Tallulah & Michael Wedding-289Tallulah & Michael Wedding-291Tallulah & Michael Wedding-293Tallulah & Michael Wedding-295Tallulah & Michael Wedding-296Tallulah & Michael Wedding-297Tallulah & Michael Wedding-301Tallulah & Michael Wedding-305Tallulah & Michael Wedding-308Tallulah & Michael Wedding-310Tallulah & Michael Wedding-319Tallulah & Michael Wedding-327Tallulah & Michael Wedding-328Tallulah & Michael Wedding-329Tallulah & Michael Wedding-333Tallulah & Michael Wedding-338Tallulah & Michael Wedding-339Tallulah & Michael Wedding-341Tallulah & Michael Wedding-354Tallulah & Michael Wedding-358Tallulah & Michael Wedding-362Tallulah & Michael Wedding-363Tallulah & Michael Wedding-364Tallulah & Michael Wedding-366Tallulah & Michael Wedding-368Tallulah & Michael Wedding-378Tallulah & Michael Wedding-381Tallulah & Michael Wedding-385Tallulah & Michael Wedding-395Tallulah & Michael Wedding-409Tallulah & Michael Wedding-411Tallulah & Michael Wedding-413Tallulah & Michael Wedding-422Tallulah & Michael Wedding-426Tallulah & Michael Wedding-430Tallulah & Michael Wedding-431Tallulah & Michael Wedding-433Tallulah & Michael Wedding-437Tallulah & Michael Wedding-438Tallulah & Michael Wedding-440Tallulah & Michael Wedding-441Tallulah & Michael Wedding-443Tallulah & Michael Wedding-444Tallulah & Michael Wedding-445Tallulah & Michael Wedding-446Tallulah & Michael Wedding-452Tallulah & Michael Wedding-455Tallulah & Michael Wedding-460Tallulah & Michael Wedding-461Tallulah & Michael Wedding-462Tallulah & Michael Wedding-470Tallulah & Michael Wedding-477Tallulah & Michael Wedding-483Tallulah & Michael Wedding-484Tallulah & Michael Wedding-502Tallulah & Michael Wedding-508Tallulah & Michael Wedding-515Tallulah & Michael Wedding-521Tallulah & Michael Wedding-528Tallulah & Michael Wedding-533Tallulah & Michael Wedding-539Tallulah & Michael Wedding-545Tallulah & Michael Wedding-551Tallulah & Michael Wedding-555Tallulah & Michael Wedding-564Tallulah & Michael Wedding-569Tallulah & Michael Wedding-590Tallulah & Michael Wedding-596Tallulah & Michael Wedding-598Tallulah & Michael Wedding-609Tallulah & Michael Wedding-613Tallulah & Michael Wedding-615Tallulah & Michael Wedding-618Tallulah & Michael Wedding-622Tallulah & Michael Wedding-627Tallulah & Michael Wedding-628Tallulah & Michael Wedding-636Tallulah & Michael Wedding-638Tallulah & Michael Wedding-640Tallulah & Michael Wedding-647Tallulah & Michael Wedding-649Tallulah & Michael Wedding-651Tallulah & Michael Wedding-665Tallulah & Michael Wedding-670Tallulah & Michael Wedding-671Tallulah & Michael Wedding-672Tallulah & Michael Wedding-673Tallulah & Michael Wedding-676Tallulah & Michael Wedding-680Tallulah & Michael Wedding-681Tallulah & Michael Wedding-683Tallulah & Michael Wedding-685Tallulah & Michael Wedding-690Tallulah & Michael Wedding-692Tallulah & Michael Wedding-693Tallulah & Michael Wedding-694Tallulah & Michael Wedding-696Tallulah & Michael Wedding-697Tallulah & Michael Wedding-702Tallulah & Michael Wedding-713Tallulah & Michael Wedding-714Tallulah & Michael Wedding-715Tallulah & Michael Wedding-716Tallulah & Michael Wedding-720Tallulah & Michael Wedding-723Tallulah & Michael Wedding-724Tallulah & Michael Wedding-725Tallulah & Michael Wedding-726Tallulah & Michael Wedding-738Tallulah & Michael Wedding-739Tallulah & Michael Wedding-741Tallulah & Michael Wedding-748Tallulah & Michael Wedding-749Tallulah & Michael Wedding-752Tallulah & Michael Wedding-753Tallulah & Michael Wedding-754Tallulah & Michael Wedding-759Tallulah & Michael Wedding-762Tallulah & Michael Wedding-771Tallulah & Michael Wedding-787Tallulah & Michael Wedding-794

Tallulah and Mike would like to say a huge thank you to all the wonderful suppliers that helped make their day perfect:

Venue – Tower Hill Barns

Hair & Makeup – Lizzie Griffiths

Cake – Friend – Izzy Tin

Dress – David’s Bridal

Flowers – Mother of the Groom