Steph & Tom’s Wedding | Wollerton | Market Drayton

Steph and Tom had the most beautiful wedding…. The marquee was set up in the garden of their home, and if you looked to the left, nestled on the top of the hill, just visible through the trees was the church that they were married in. 
Large boho pampas sprays decorated the marquee, outside sat a huge pampas flower arch for photos, and Steph’s matching bouquet had stunning blush tone flowers throughout, it was such a beautiful collection of flowers throughout, all of Steph’s planning came together beautifully. Tom & Tommy got ready at home while Steph’s morning preparations took place at her sister’s house. Becky had thought of everything, from a huge bridal prep box for Steph to handmaking all the resin coasters, so many thoughtful details.
Their family heirloom Land Rover sat waiting outside the church, ready to take them back to their barn where they celebrated the day away with their nearest and dearest. It was definitely one of the features of their day, Tommy, their son already looked like he knew how to drive it and loved being behind the wheel. I even got to have a whirl, it was such a giggle, with Tom’s Dad as the chauffeur, Tom & Steph in the back we went for a rumble around the country lanes to find a nice quiet spot for their photos.

Their day was perfect and I’m sure you’ll be able to tell by the photos that they loved every moment!

A selection of highlights from their special day . . .(Please note these images are copyrighted, do not screenshot, download, or use in any way. They are also very small web size versions of the originals and will look pixelated if viewed large – ideal for mobile phone viewing)

Dear Steph & Tom, thank you so much for choosing me to be your wedding photographer. I absolutely loved photographing and capturing all these special moments from your Wedding day and I wish you both a lifetime of happiness together. Suze xx

A huge thanks to all of these amazing suppliers –

Dress: shropshirecountrybrides
Bridesmaids dresses: sixstoriesofficial
Hair: secret_salon_at_mortimer_house
Make-up- hannahsbeautymua
Flowers- cookeandthomas

Tallulah & Michael | Winter Wedding at Tower Hill Barns

I was so eager to start my 2020 Weddings with Tallulah and Michael’s for many reasons, I had the pleasure of photographing Tallulah’s sisters Wedding a few years ago and I love this family! They were so much fun to photograph, love each other to bits … and know how to have a great time! Also, to return to Tower Hill Barns as it’s right on my doorstep and only a short drive from Llangollen, a top tourist attraction when visiting Wales for its stunning scenery, Railway, Historical grounds, festivals, food and much more. There’s definitely plenty for Wedding Guests to do if they plan to stay a little longer! Tower Hill Barns is one of my favourite venues, I love to photograph Weddings there with its beautiful grounds, gorgeous interior, staff that look after you and not to mention the incredible food!

Bride and Groom prep were all done at the venue with Tallulah and the girls in the cottage and Mike and the boys in the salon. It was such a windy blustery day and even though it forecast rain for most of the day we were lucky to get outside to do their family photos under the bridge and their sparkler shot that they had much hoped for.

Dear Tallulah and Mike, thank you for letting me capture your special day. I hope you have a wonderful life together, with years of happiness, love and laughter!

Lv Suze xx


Here’s a selection of highlights from their special day . . .

(Please note these images are copyrighted, do not screenshot, download or use in any way. They are also very small web size versions of the originals and will look pixelated if viewed large)


Tallulah & Michael Wedding-1Tallulah & Michael Wedding-3Tallulah & Michael Wedding-8Tallulah & Michael Wedding-16Tallulah & Michael Wedding-30Tallulah & Michael Wedding-60Tallulah & Michael Wedding-62Tallulah & Michael Wedding-63Tallulah & Michael Wedding-65Tallulah & Michael Wedding-66Tallulah & Michael Wedding-67Tallulah & Michael Wedding-69Tallulah & Michael Wedding-74Tallulah & Michael Wedding-76Tallulah & Michael Wedding-80Tallulah & Michael Wedding-81Tallulah & Michael Wedding-83Tallulah & Michael Wedding-88Tallulah & Michael Wedding-90Tallulah & Michael Wedding-92Tallulah & Michael Wedding-95Tallulah & Michael Wedding-96Tallulah & Michael Wedding-99Tallulah & Michael Wedding-100Tallulah & Michael Wedding-103Tallulah & Michael Wedding-105Tallulah & Michael Wedding-106Tallulah & Michael Wedding-108Tallulah & Michael Wedding-111Tallulah & Michael Wedding-115Tallulah & Michael Wedding-118Tallulah & Michael Wedding-120Tallulah & Michael Wedding-124Tallulah & Michael Wedding-125Tallulah & Michael Wedding-127Tallulah & Michael Wedding-132Tallulah & Michael Wedding-133Tallulah & Michael Wedding-135Tallulah & Michael Wedding-137Tallulah & Michael Wedding-139Tallulah & Michael Wedding-140Tallulah & Michael Wedding-141Tallulah & Michael Wedding-145Tallulah & Michael Wedding-147Tallulah & Michael Wedding-156Tallulah & Michael Wedding-157Tallulah & Michael Wedding-159Tallulah & Michael Wedding-160Tallulah & Michael Wedding-162Tallulah & Michael Wedding-164Tallulah & Michael Wedding-165Tallulah & Michael Wedding-166Tallulah & Michael Wedding-167Tallulah & Michael Wedding-169Tallulah & Michael Wedding-170Tallulah & Michael Wedding-176Tallulah & Michael Wedding-178Tallulah & Michael Wedding-179Tallulah & Michael Wedding-175Tallulah & Michael Wedding-183Tallulah & Michael Wedding-187Tallulah & Michael Wedding-190Tallulah & Michael Wedding-191Tallulah & Michael Wedding-192Tallulah & Michael Wedding-194Tallulah & Michael Wedding-200Tallulah & Michael Wedding-201Tallulah & Michael Wedding-202Tallulah & Michael Wedding-204Tallulah & Michael Wedding-206Tallulah & Michael Wedding-212Tallulah & Michael Wedding-213Tallulah & Michael Wedding-219Tallulah & Michael Wedding-224Tallulah & Michael Wedding-226Tallulah & Michael Wedding-228Tallulah & Michael Wedding-230Tallulah & Michael Wedding-232Tallulah & Michael Wedding-233Tallulah & Michael Wedding-238Tallulah & Michael Wedding-239Tallulah & Michael Wedding-246Tallulah & Michael Wedding-258Tallulah & Michael Wedding-259Tallulah & Michael Wedding-262Tallulah & Michael Wedding-265Tallulah & Michael Wedding-266Tallulah & Michael Wedding-267Tallulah & Michael Wedding-269Tallulah & Michael Wedding-284Tallulah & Michael Wedding-285Tallulah & Michael Wedding-289Tallulah & Michael Wedding-291Tallulah & Michael Wedding-293Tallulah & Michael Wedding-295Tallulah & Michael Wedding-296Tallulah & Michael Wedding-297Tallulah & Michael Wedding-301Tallulah & Michael Wedding-305Tallulah & Michael Wedding-308Tallulah & Michael Wedding-310Tallulah & Michael Wedding-319Tallulah & Michael Wedding-327Tallulah & Michael Wedding-328Tallulah & Michael Wedding-329Tallulah & Michael Wedding-333Tallulah & Michael Wedding-338Tallulah & Michael Wedding-339Tallulah & Michael Wedding-341Tallulah & Michael Wedding-354Tallulah & Michael Wedding-358Tallulah & Michael Wedding-362Tallulah & Michael Wedding-363Tallulah & Michael Wedding-364Tallulah & Michael Wedding-366Tallulah & Michael Wedding-368Tallulah & Michael Wedding-378Tallulah & Michael Wedding-381Tallulah & Michael Wedding-385Tallulah & Michael Wedding-395Tallulah & Michael Wedding-409Tallulah & Michael Wedding-411Tallulah & Michael Wedding-413Tallulah & Michael Wedding-422Tallulah & Michael Wedding-426Tallulah & Michael Wedding-430Tallulah & Michael Wedding-431Tallulah & Michael Wedding-433Tallulah & Michael Wedding-437Tallulah & Michael Wedding-438Tallulah & Michael Wedding-440Tallulah & Michael Wedding-441Tallulah & Michael Wedding-443Tallulah & Michael Wedding-444Tallulah & Michael Wedding-445Tallulah & Michael Wedding-446Tallulah & Michael Wedding-452Tallulah & Michael Wedding-455Tallulah & Michael Wedding-460Tallulah & Michael Wedding-461Tallulah & Michael Wedding-462Tallulah & Michael Wedding-470Tallulah & Michael Wedding-477Tallulah & Michael Wedding-483Tallulah & Michael Wedding-484Tallulah & Michael Wedding-502Tallulah & Michael Wedding-508Tallulah & Michael Wedding-515Tallulah & Michael Wedding-521Tallulah & Michael Wedding-528Tallulah & Michael Wedding-533Tallulah & Michael Wedding-539Tallulah & Michael Wedding-545Tallulah & Michael Wedding-551Tallulah & Michael Wedding-555Tallulah & Michael Wedding-564Tallulah & Michael Wedding-569Tallulah & Michael Wedding-590Tallulah & Michael Wedding-596Tallulah & Michael Wedding-598Tallulah & Michael Wedding-609Tallulah & Michael Wedding-613Tallulah & Michael Wedding-615Tallulah & Michael Wedding-618Tallulah & Michael Wedding-622Tallulah & Michael Wedding-627Tallulah & Michael Wedding-628Tallulah & Michael Wedding-636Tallulah & Michael Wedding-638Tallulah & Michael Wedding-640Tallulah & Michael Wedding-647Tallulah & Michael Wedding-649Tallulah & Michael Wedding-651Tallulah & Michael Wedding-665Tallulah & Michael Wedding-670Tallulah & Michael Wedding-671Tallulah & Michael Wedding-672Tallulah & Michael Wedding-673Tallulah & Michael Wedding-676Tallulah & Michael Wedding-680Tallulah & Michael Wedding-681Tallulah & Michael Wedding-683Tallulah & Michael Wedding-685Tallulah & Michael Wedding-690Tallulah & Michael Wedding-692Tallulah & Michael Wedding-693Tallulah & Michael Wedding-694Tallulah & Michael Wedding-696Tallulah & Michael Wedding-697Tallulah & Michael Wedding-702Tallulah & Michael Wedding-713Tallulah & Michael Wedding-714Tallulah & Michael Wedding-715Tallulah & Michael Wedding-716Tallulah & Michael Wedding-720Tallulah & Michael Wedding-723Tallulah & Michael Wedding-724Tallulah & Michael Wedding-725Tallulah & Michael Wedding-726Tallulah & Michael Wedding-738Tallulah & Michael Wedding-739