Chris & Hannah’s Winter Wedding | Tower Hill Barns

What a great way to start this year’s wedding season with the marriage of Olympic High Jump athlete Chris Baker to his beautiful fiance Hannah. If you’ve read my previous blogs you’ll know how much of a fan I am of Tower Hill Barns, so I was delighted to return there for their wedding in March. This beautiful barn sits elegantly on the top of a hill, nestled in acres of land and surrounded by the stunning views of the Welsh countryside. We were so lucky with the weather, for the middle of March they were blessed with a dry day, rather chilly though which Hannah found out when it came time for their photos, you’d never tell by her beautiful smile that she was so cold her teeth were nearly chattering! Totally worth it though, you can’t get married here and miss the opportunity to have photos in the picturesque grounds.

They were married in the historic candle-lit barn surrounded by all their loved ones, lots of tissues were needed for all the happy tears shed throughout the ceremony and speeches. A mouth-watering 3-course meal was enjoyed by all in the oak framed dining hall…… the food here is always amazing! It was such a special day celebrating the marriage of two soul mates and after some fun with some sparklers they danced (mainly Hannah…. Chris not so much ;-D ) the night away!

Weddings are made extra special with all the fine details so a huge thanks to everyone that was involved:

Dress – allaboutevebridalwear | headpiece – ivoryandco | Jewellery – joannareedbridal | Cake – _redrosecakes | Venue Dressing – uplitevents | Flowers – vividfloraldesign | Hair – Jess at salonone_20 | Rings – clogaugold | Mens suits – marcdarcysuits | Band – chaperonesband

Thank you so much for choosing me to photograph your special day and I wish you a lifetime of happiness together! Love Suze xx

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Rachael & John| Tower Hill Barns Wedding

I had the pleasure of photographing Rachael & John’s Wedding at the stunning venue Tower Hill Barns on the 9th August 2019.

It was a brilliant day from start to finish, despite the good ol British Weather not quite knowing what to do with itself, we had lots of rain but lots of sunshine too! And thankfully the sun shone for most of the afternoon so everyone was able to enjoy the luscious bee and butterfly grounds of the venue.

The drinks flowed and the food was amazing as always! And after some emotional speeches, the band was ready to get the party started . . . . with Rachael first on the mic, the drums and then dance floor! John did join her . . . . eventually 😀

Thank you so much for asking me to photograph your special day, it was a ball from start to finish! I wish you all the happiness for your future together.

Lv Suze xx

Here’s a selection of highlights from their special day . . .

(Please note these images are copyrighted, do not screenshot, download or use in any way. They are also very small web size versions of the originals and will look pixelated if viewed large)

Rachael & John Wedding-2Rachael & John Wedding-3Rachael & John Wedding-9Rachael & John Wedding-12Rachael & John Wedding-21Rachael & John Wedding-26Rachael & John Wedding-36Rachael & John Wedding-32Rachael & John Wedding-37Rachael & John Wedding-34Rachael & John Wedding-42Rachael & John Wedding-43Rachael & John Wedding-49Rachael & John Wedding-51Rachael & John Wedding-52Rachael & John Wedding-65Rachael & John Wedding-69Rachael & John Wedding-72Rachael & John Wedding-109Rachael & John Wedding-124Rachael & John Wedding-117Rachael & John Wedding-121Rachael & John Wedding-130Rachael & John Wedding-135Rachael & John Wedding-136Rachael & John Wedding-139Rachael & John Wedding-141Rachael & John Wedding-142Rachael & John Wedding-85Rachael & John Wedding-86Rachael & John Wedding-94Rachael & John Wedding-95Rachael & John Wedding-146Rachael & John Wedding-153Rachael & John Wedding-157Rachael & John Wedding-162Rachael & John Wedding-172Rachael & John Wedding-180Rachael & John Wedding-185Rachael & John Wedding-187Rachael & John Wedding-191Rachael & John Wedding-198Rachael & John Wedding-201Rachael & John Wedding-202Rachael & John Wedding-210Rachael & John Wedding-217Rachael & John Wedding-205Rachael & John Wedding-216Rachael & John Wedding-221Rachael & John Wedding-220Rachael & John Wedding-225Rachael & John Wedding-228Rachael & John Wedding-245Rachael & John Wedding-247Rachael & John Wedding-248Rachael & John Wedding-262Rachael & John Wedding-261Rachael & John Wedding-266Rachael & John Wedding-267Rachael & John Wedding-270Rachael & John Wedding-280Rachael & John Wedding-289Rachael & John Wedding-293Rachael & John Wedding-294Rachael & John Wedding-295Rachael & John Wedding-296Rachael & John Wedding-304Rachael & John Wedding-313Rachael & John Wedding-315Rachael & John Wedding-326Rachael & John Wedding-327Rachael & John Wedding-335Rachael & John Wedding-342Rachael & John Wedding-343Rachael & John Wedding-354Rachael & John Wedding-358Rachael & John Wedding-357Rachael & John Wedding-376Rachael & John Wedding-382Rachael & John Wedding-387Rachael & John Wedding-388Rachael & John Wedding-390Rachael & John Wedding-393Rachael & John Wedding-407Rachael & John Wedding-413Rachael & John Wedding-425Rachael & John Wedding-426Rachael & John Wedding-428Rachael & John Wedding-439Rachael & John Wedding-443Rachael & John Wedding-451Rachael & John Wedding-453Rachael & John Wedding-437Rachael & John Wedding-455Rachael & John Wedding-456Rachael & John Wedding-458Rachael & John Wedding-459Rachael & John Wedding-466Rachael & John Wedding-469Rachael & John Wedding-472Rachael & John Wedding-483Rachael & John Wedding-512Rachael & John Wedding-516Rachael & John Wedding-518Rachael & John Wedding-520Rachael & John Wedding-524Rachael & John Wedding-527Rachael & John Wedding-535Rachael & John Wedding-489Rachael & John Wedding-485Rachael & John Wedding-495Rachael & John Wedding-508Rachael & John Wedding-498Rachael & John Wedding-507Rachael & John Wedding-569Rachael & John Wedding-560Rachael & John Wedding-552Rachael & John Wedding-565Rachael & John Wedding-570Rachael & John Wedding-566Rachael & John Wedding-582Rachael & John Wedding-589Rachael & John Wedding-590Rachael & John Wedding-591Rachael & John Wedding-601Rachael & John Wedding-605Rachael & John Wedding-608

It wouldn’t be what it was without all the people involved so Rachael & John would like to say a huge thanks to:

Make up – Emma Richards, Melissa Madeup Laura Williamson SPMU Beauty

Hair – Zoey Richards Hair & Makeup

Cake – Lesley’s Cake Bakes

Flowers – Little Green Flowers

Stationary – Mama inc Studio

Venue – Tower Hill Barns

Andy & Nikki | One Groovy Wedding in Chester!

When Nikki first contacted me her first words were something along the lines of ‘… it’s not going to be a typical wedding!’ To which my ears were well and truly pricked and so excited to hear more!

When we first met Nikki could barely contain her excitement about their plans for the day… which included a vintage bus trip, a walk round Chester park and river, reception at Telfords Warehouse with a magician, singers, salsa dancing and bands throughout the night!!

They filled their day to the fullest and it was incredible!! Such a perfect pair with a great sense of humour and game for anything. Nikki it made my day when you went running through the leaves in your dress!! 😀

I loved loved loved capturing your day.. I had the best time!

Here is a handful of highlights from their grooviest day . . . 

Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-1Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-2Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-3Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-36Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-56Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-58Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-61Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-64Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-74Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-77Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-84Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-89Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-92Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-97Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-105Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-107Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-118Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-143Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-146Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-148Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-151Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-152Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-154Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-176Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-181Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-187Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-188Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-207Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-209Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-212Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-218Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-219Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-220Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-236Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-242Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-244Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-248Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-253Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-256Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-261Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-265Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-267Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-269Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-279