Andy & Nikki | One Groovy Wedding in Chester!

When Nikki first contacted me her first words were something along the lines of ‘… it’s not going to be a typical wedding!’ To which my ears were well and truly pricked and so excited to hear more!

When we first met Nikki could barely contain her excitement about their plans for the day… which included a vintage bus trip, a walk round Chester park and river, reception at Telfords Warehouse with a magician, singers, salsa dancing and bands throughout the night!!

They filled their day to the fullest and it was incredible!! Such a perfect pair with a great sense of humour and game for anything. Nikki it made my day when you went running through the leaves in your dress!! 😀

I loved loved loved capturing your day.. I had the best time!

Here is a handful of highlights from their grooviest day . . . 

Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-1Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-2Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-3Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-36Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-56Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-58Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-61Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-64Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-74Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-77Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-84Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-89Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-92Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-97Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-105Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-107Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-118Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-143Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-146Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-148Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-151Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-152Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-154Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-176Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-181Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-187Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-188Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-207Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-209Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-212Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-218Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-219Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-220Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-236Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-242Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-244Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-248Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-253Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-256Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-261Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-265Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-267Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-269Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-279Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-285Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-286Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-290Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-300Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-308Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-314Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-318Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-319Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-324Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-342Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-344Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-349Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-360Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-361Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-371Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-390Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-391Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-406Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-407Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-414Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-419Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-422Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-436Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-439Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-444Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-447Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-449Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-453Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-460Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-462Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-463Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-470Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-474Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-478Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-482Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-483Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-484Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-508Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-513Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-517Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-526Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-532Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-555Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-560Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-571Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-576Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-582Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-585Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-595Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-623Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-625Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-629Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-646Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-655Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-671Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-672Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-675Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-686Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-692Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-695Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-697Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-699Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-715Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-728Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-729Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-730Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-747Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-750Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-774Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-779Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-788Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-797Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-823Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-825Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-827Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-828Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-829Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-830Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-831Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-837Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-839Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-868Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-874Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-878Andy & Nikki's Groovy Day-879

With all the love & happiness in the world to you both. . . Love Suze xx


A HUGE shoutout to all the vendors on the day who came together to make this day as amazing as it was:

MUA: to follow
HAIR: to follow
CAKE: to follow
TRANSPORT: to follow
VENUE: Telfords Warehouse
MAGICIAN: to follow
SINGERS: to follow, Olly Flavell
BANDS: Chemistry Lane, The Treme, Hedge Gods
VIDEOGRAPHERS: Lee Price Productions

Newborn Photography | Top Tips | Choosing a photographer


Newborn photography has become extremely popular in recent years. There are many photographers who have invested lots of time and money training to provide you with the best and safest service. You will also come across inexperienced photographers that offer this service without the correct education. Because of this it can be difficult to know what to look for when on the hunt for a photographer.

twins newborn photoshoot


Here are some suggestions of the type of things you should be thinking about when you start looking.


Have a look at different newborn photographers, not just in your local area but in general. It is better to have a good idea of the market and the standards offered. You will soon see that not all newborn photographers provide the same level of service. Unfortunately in the UK at the moment you don’t need any formal qualifications to become a newborn photographer. It’s not worth the risk to use an untrained and inexperienced photographer.


Start contacting all the newborn photographers in your area. TIP* This might not apply for everyone’s preferences but as new parents with little or no sleep the last thing you want to do is travel for hours and be falling asleep at the wheel! Try looking at all the photographers in a 1 hour radius from your home. This is a comfortable distance and you won’t be feeling exhausted by the time you get there.


Once you have your list of local photographers and selected the ones that appeal to you start asking around. Other parents who have had a good experience with a photographer are always happy to talk about it. You can also ask around at any prenatal or baby groups etc that you go to.


Your list should be getting a bit shorter now (I hope?? 🙂 ) Check their website & social media pages, most business pages will have testimonial & review sections. Have a look at how they interact with their customers and how they talk to people.


Time to start contacting your shortlist, and here’s some suggestions of the questions you can ask:
1 – Most importantly… Are they trained and how long have they specialised in newborn photography?

If they are a true craftsman of their job then you will get a reply happily explaining about all of their training and experience. I’m sure most professional photographers will be more than happy to talk about how they’ve got to where they are at now.

2 – What type of newborn photography do they provide?

Some photographers offer a very relaxed natural session, taking more lifestyle shots of you and your baby without any styling and posing. There’s other photographers who have beautiful props and accessories for you to use in the session to create a styled shoot and there’s some that offer both types. After all of the extensive research you have already done to get you to this point you probably have a clear picture in your mind of the type of images you want, so it’s a good idea to find out if they offer that.

3 – Do they have an assistant?

Depending on the style of photography they will sometimes need an assistant. For example when creating a composite which is several images layered together an assistant is sometimes needed to support the baby. This refers back to what I mentioned earlier in the horror stories about what can go wrong with untrained photographers attempting poses that should be assisted. Not all photographers have assistants but will usually ask a parent to support the babies head whilst they take a photo or if they need to leave the baby for a moment.

4 – Where will the session take place?

Newborn sessions are either done in a cosy warm studio or at your own home, if it is done at a studio most photographers are more than happy for you to pop in and have a look around before you book.

The studio should be fully equipped with everything you need for several hours –

  • Parking nearby
  • Pram access
  • Clean & tidy
  • Toilet
  • Baby changing area
  • Comfy seating area
  • Refreshments
Newborn Photography Studio

Perfect Moments Newborn Photography Studio

5 – Pricing & availability

Make sure you know what the session fee costs and the packages that they offer, there should be no hidden costs and that way you can have an idea of what you want before you have your session.

The session fee is what you pay when you book, it secures your booking and pays for the time and skills of your photographer during your session. Be cautious of overly cheap sessions, a £50 Offer for a shoot and all the images is not a bargain and you could be left with sub standard images and no time left to find another photographer.

Professional newborn photographers charge what they do because of the time and money that has gone into training to provide you with the best and safest service. They have invested thousands into their business to set up as well as their ongoing costs like:

  • Public liability insurance
  • Photography association fees
  • Equipment insurance
  • Editing software subscriptions
  • Data storage
  • Online gallery fees

Then on top of that if they have a studio then there’s all the costs that are involved in that. Also, after your session the work doesn’t end there, hours are spent editing and fine tuning your images so that you have beautiful photos ready for your viewing appointment. By the way, this wasn’t meant to be a rant about pricing but it’s good to know what you are paying for 🙂

6 – When to book

Booking early is important if you want to secure your chosen photographer, most newborn photographers can be booked up months in advance. When you book, you are securing a place in the month surrounding your due date. Babies can turn up unexpectedly so newborn photographers have their calendars booked out to be as flexible as possible once baby arrives. This sometimes means giving up their weekends but you will find if they love their job they are usually always happy to do that.

7 – How long will you have to wait for your photos?

The last thing you want is to be waiting months for your photos so find out their average turnaround time so you know what to expect.

*  *  *

I hope this has given you a helping in hand in deciding how to book your newborn photographer. As you can see there is lots to think about but it doesn’t need to be too daunting if you know what you need to keep in mind.

*  *  *

If you are interested in booking Perfect Moments Photography click the link below for more information. Or if you would like to have a chat then please just send me a message or give me a call using the details below:

Suzanne @ Perfect Moments Photography | 07769270147 | 01978 710346


Christmas Mini Sessions

20 Minute Session // Price includes 2 Digital Images & 2 Matching Prints // 1-2 Children Per Session // Upgrades Available


My favourite time of Year! Bring your kids along to capture some magical moments while you sit back and enjoy a glass of mulled wine & a mince pie.

Great fun for you and the family, a Christmas Gift for someone or you can even use your images to create your own special Christmas cards!

Your images will be ready to choose from by the 24th November & Prints will be ready for collection within one week after choosing.

Steve & Siobhan |Croes Howell


Steve & Siobhan’s Wedding was so enjoyable from the moment we got there until we packed away in the evening…these two souls are seriously the most chilled, happy & humble couple i’ve ever had the pleasure to photograph. So grateful for every little detail and everyone involved in making their day as special as it was.

The were married at Bersham Church which is incredible and nestled in the beautiful woodland, I joined them on their Big Double Decker bus which transported them there and then back to the Croes Howell who were brilliant and made sure every detail was just perfect.

The pianist entertained everyone inside, the cocktail bar outside kept drinks flowing with the live music in the background and the sun shone all day… couldn’t of gone any better!

Their gallery is huge because there was so much to photograph and it was very hard to pick just a few, but here is a handful of their memories…..

Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-3Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-6Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-11DSC_5148-EditSteve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-12Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-15Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-21Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-32-EditSteve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-36Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-37-EditSteve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-38Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-39-EditSteve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-42Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-72Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-81Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-92Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-94Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-52Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-109Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-116Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-117Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-127Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-141Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-182DSC_5173DSC_5272-EditDSC_5367DSC_5400DSC_5423DSC_5489DSC_5567DSC_5574Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-161Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-167Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-171Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-177Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-178Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-180Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-198Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-202Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-209Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-210Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-226Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-229.jpgSteve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-230-2Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-234Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-236Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-241Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-242Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-246Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-247Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-254Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-261Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-270Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-265Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-284Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-295Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-298Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-299Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-303Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-322Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-323Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-331Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-332Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-336Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-339Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-357-EditSteve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-359Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-367_SRH5220-EditSteve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-369Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-375Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-378Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-382Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-2DSC_6075Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-441DSC_6093Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-421Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-401Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-413Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-409Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-414Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-416Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-423Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-470Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-474Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-476Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-483Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-497Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-442Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-528Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-535Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-514Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-541Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-515Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-553Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-556Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-558Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-590Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-593Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-560Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-563Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-564Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-569Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-611Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-601Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-603Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-617Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-629Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-631Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-634Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-651Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-661Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-675Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-691

What a day….didn’t want it to end! Thank you for letting us be part of it!

Steve & Siobhan (Suze's Edited)-623

Lv Suze & Kamila xx

Church: Bersham Church

Venue: Croes Howell Restaurant Bar Grill

Transport: Route Master 4 Hire





Photobooth: Flashback Entertainment

Newborn Session | Behind The Scenes

As a Mummy myself i know too well how attached i was to my precious little ones when they were born…. i didn’t want to put them down for more than a minute, never mind let someone else hold them!!

I have a very gentle approach when it comes to photographing babies…. i treat each one with the same care as i would my own. I have been trained in newborn posing by Jillian Greenhill, as well as Kelly Browns Newborn Bootcamp as well as several other workshops. I constantly keep up to date with my learning  because i always want to provide the highest standard of work and care for my clients.

So i have put together this video for you, just so you get a little glimpse into a typical newborn session with me and if you have any questions or just want to come in and have a look around i’d love to hear from you, so please send me a message.

1950’s sTyLe Black & White Mountain


A couple of years i did a shoot with my sister in the studio but we had always talked about doing something less poised and more free spirited, something to capture an essence of her rather than just a face in front of a camera.

So in September this year we managed to snatch a couple of hours together (never easy when we have 4 kids between us and live an hour apart!) and we disappeared up a mountain 😀

It was about 5pm by the time we got to the summit and the sun was just slipping down towards the horizon, casting a beautiful glow across the purple heathers (or poopoo heaters as my amazing Polish friend calls them 😀 Kamila  Kosior… i love your English!! 😀 ) along the rocks.

We just talked and walked and i took photos along the way, she made it easy because her infectious smile makes a perfect picture every time.

For  most of the photos i made sure she had the sun behind her because i wanted to overexpose .. i wanted this heavenly hazy spill of light around to give her a glowing outline.

As usual i hulked a bag of lenses up with (because come on…you never know where you may end up…..usually with a gammy shoulder lol ) but i only used the wonderful 50mm 1.4 Sigma Art, my lens of choice at the moment…and it didn’t let me down 😀

Frosticles & Long Shadows

Being a summer baby i have always found the warm weather is when i feel most content, spending most of my youth baking in it (and once applied cooking oil to get the perfect tan….oops!) But now as i approach my mid 30’s i find myself doing what i can to look after my skin and i must admit i am beginning to favour crisp, frosty winter mornings….looking out my window across a sea of glittery glistening fields while i’m all cosy and warm by the radiator is nothing but heaven!

I haven’t been very well the past few weeks but i couldn’t resist going out to give the (very excited) horses some carrots and take a few pics of the winter magic thats adorning everything in sight._srh3330_srh3337_srh3298_srh3300_srh3302-edit_srh3322_srh3325

Print Print PRINT!! :-D

After being forced to root through all my files to see what i can get rid of what i need to move elsewhere i have found tons of photographs i’d forgot i’d even taken!

And some i shouldn’t of taken..


(A Selfie using a DSLR after consuming about a pint of vodka…oh dear, this is why i don’t accept drinks when i’m working lol)

Digital cameras make you so snap happy, why not just keep clicking away, each click doesn’t cost you anything….well unless you wear your shutter out and have to replace your camera! ha…hmm lets hope that doesn’t happen anytime soon yikes! So we just fill our SD cards up and transfer them onto our computers & hard drives….and then what? How many of us actually print any of them….how many of us can actually find that folder of photos from last summer that you know you saved somewhere but can’t remember where but it should be there…you hope.

We are not enjoying those photos…and how tragic is that, that they are buried under more files and more files within a vast library of data on our computer systems. Don’t get me wrong, having the digital file to a photo is nothing but wonderful….because if we only had the print & the negative and they were somehow destroyed or lost then there is no way of getting them back.

But i think there should be some kind of rule …. “images can only be permanently stored once a print has been made!”. Haha, not sure how our computers could force us to do that but we should be made to print, to hold the photos, to hang them, frame them, stick them on the fridge, send them to the grandparent, put them in albums, because only then will they will be revisited & enjoyed frequently.

And i am guilty of not printing (always printing for my clients but not for myself) SO ….2017 new years resolution is in place!

~ Buy a BIG amazing album

~ Take at least one photo everyday of the year, and at the end of the month print the photos and sit together putting the photos in the album…and have a giggle as you go 🙂

Its not for just us, it’s for our kids…and their kids, memories are all they’ll have one day.

Baby Girl ~ Arabella | Newborn Session

Arabella was 3 weeks old when she came for her newborn session and i was a little nervous whether we would get as many of the sleepy poses that i aim for in the session. And we did probably spent the first half of it soothing and settling her but we made the most of that time and got some lovely skin to skin photos with Dad and then when she finally gave in and slipped into her slumber she was the perfect little princess!

Lindsey & Carl ~ Wedding Day

I really looked forward to this wedding because it was in Llyndir Hall in Rossett and this was a new venue for me! Nerves were kicking in running up to the day with it being right at the beginning of Spring and the unreliable British weather Lindsey’s dreams of having lots of photos in the beautiful grounds could be scuppered at any moment!

Blog Part a

Luck was with us though and it was a beautiful day…a little cold for just a wedding dress but Lindsey hid that well!

Blog Part b

They had dinner entertainment with 2 singers which all the guests up and dancing….. one way to work your meal off! This was new to me as well and it was such a good idea! I was so tempted to join in the conga round the dinner tables and afterwards everyone was really in the mood to party the night away!

Blog Part c

Thank you Lindsey & Carl for letting me capture the events of your day xxx